Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Read Across America on Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

My passion for English Children’s Literature started with Dr. Seuss Books. His rhyming style helped me not only memorize words, but also increased my vocabulary. Read Across America is a reading awareness program created to encourage children to celebrate reading on March 2nd in memory of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. This year will be a little bit different, but LET'S KEEP READING!

My favorite activities to celebrate Read Across America before COVID-19 were:
Create a Classroom Library 

1.  Make a Dr. Seuss cozy Corner.
     2. Talk about the stories with your students.
     3. Don't ask questions. Make it a fun day. 

    Visit the Library on Read Across America:

     1. Plan with the librarian for a special visit and activity.
     2. Have a Read Aloud time.
     3. Give a small prize, like a sticker or pencil, after reading. 

Make Green Eggs and Ham

1. Read Green Eggs and Ham.
2. Plan with the Cafeteria to have Green Eggs and Ham.
3. Bring or make Green Eggs and Ham in the classroom.


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