Thursday, September 28, 2017

National Poetry Day with Bilingual Poems

September 28th is National Poetry Month 2017. 
The theme is “Freedom”

AWARD WINNING POETRY BOOKPoems,Thoughts and More, for Poetry Day. It is a bilingual book of poems in English/Spanish to celebrate life with author's voyage anecdotes and flash fiction. This book is for adults and all lovers of poetry.

En el día de la poesía, es un placer presentarles mi libro de poesías ganador del VCBA 2015:
Poemas, Pensamientos y Algo Más, eun libro bilingüe (Inglés/Español) con poemas y anécdotas  para celebrar la vida. Éste libro es para los amantes de la poesía.
La razón por la cual escribí éste libro fue para presentar la mejor colección de poemas que había recopilado por varios años en mi página de Facebook y Website
Disfruten Poemas, Pensamiento y Algo más en versión digital y de papel disponible en Amazon:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Bilingual Poetry Book for Hispanic Heritage Month

It is a pleasure to present to you my AWARD WINNING POETRY BOOKPoems,Thoughts and More, to begin a new Season, FALL/SPRING 2017.
This is a bilingual book of poems in English/Spanish to celebrate life with author's voyage anecdotes and flash fiction. This book is for adults and all lovers of poetry.

The reason I wrote this book was to bring together the best poems of my collection. For several years I have posted a monthly poem, reflections and famous quotes on my Facebook page and Website:

It was a delight to select the best poems, anecdotes and famous quotes to give a taste of inspiration. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Roald Dahl Day: Sep. 13

I firmly believe, “Teaching kids to love literature starts by introducing them to the best books.”  My favorite children’s author is Dr. Seuss and his classic books of all times. However, this year thanks to the Multicultural Children’s Book Day, I learned about Roald Dahl. He is well known for creating some of the best children's stories of all time, including mega-hits like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matilda, and The BFG.
Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl books have been made into movies than almost any other children's author. They both had placed a days in the calendar to celebrate their books and the author. For instance, Read Across America Day is a nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually on March 2 to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. On the other hand, Roald Dahl Day is celebrated around the world on September 13th. Even though Roald Dahl started out as a pilot in World War I, he became famous for his hilarious and scary stories for kids once the war ended. 

Let’s have fun celebrating Roald Dahl Day by reading his books and making some crafts 
inspired by his entertaining stories.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Twelve Days of Irma

My Twelve Days of Irma by Maritza M. Mejia@2017

Map plotting the track and intensity of the storm
 according to the 
Saffir–Simpson scale
When a strong Hurricane passed by your house, city, state, and several countries is not an easy experience. Here is my daily log before, during, and after the storm.
By Maritza M. Mejia@2017

Day 1: In case anyone was wondering, we are projected to be in Hurricane Irma's path, but we decided to stay in Florida. The exodus in the highways was impressed. We are ready, house with shutters, and supplies for a week or more. If we're not online after Sunday, you know why! My thoughts and prayers to ALL in the path. Make wise decisions, follow the expert’s instructions, and don’t risk your life during or after the storm. Don't forget your pets. Blessings! 

Day 2: Shutters up! House protected, can food and water ready for a week. My adorable cat is confused…She looked up me like saying, What is going on?... No sun today! She is double her portions. Poor baby!

Day 3: Good morning my friends, we are fine, prepared, praying, and ready to battle Hurricane Irma. Floridians, be safe, and ready to recovery. Don't panic, read, cook, entertain your children, comfort your pets, and follow official instructions. I love you crazy Florida.

Day 4: Good morning, I'm glad we were able to sleep over night. Heavy rains woke me up twice, but nothing different from other South Florida summer's storms with tornado alerts. The howling of the wind was scary, but made me reflect on all the damage we are causing to Mother Earth, is like she was complaining. The hardest part will be in three hours. If I don't reply, you know why!( Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. We are fine. Please, keep praying for those who lost their houses in the Caribbean Islands. Have a blessed Sunday!

Day 5: No power, phones, internet, TV, total silence after the storm. The furious winds and tremendous rains lasted 12 hours. We are disconnected from the outside world, friends, and family. We don't know the damages around the house, neighborhood, our city, but we are ready to help recovery. The value of life over the material possessions were tested. It was long five days eating more than usual, managing fear, anxiety, and stillness, but we survived Hurricane Irma together with my love ones. Thank you for following the progress of this adventure, for all your prayers, comments and concerns. I Love you!

Day 6: I lost sense of time. I now, we were busy preparing for two days, waiting inside our house for three, and one listening Lady Irma's howling. We were disconnected from the outside worries, only in tune with survivor mode. Now, nature is still, we are recovering from the impact. The stars are visible, the moon is bright, and the crickets are singing, the humidity is intense, the night is long...

Day 7: I can see the light after the darkness. My mind feels refresh after the stress. My body is recovering from the extreme heat and humidity. Things are getting back to normal, but without internet and line phones, I will not be able to work until Monday. Thanks to social media, I'm in touch with all of you. Thank you for following me, for your concern, prayers, and messages. I can't answer all, I'm saving data. Let's keep up the good thoughts and prayers for those who lost their houses or lives. Go out and help if you can, our community needs you. Don't waste water, light, food, someone needs it. Lady's Irma retreat is close to the end. What is your story?

Day 8: Lady Irma's retreat is over! We have power, but no Internet or line phones. We depend on some many commodities that we take it for granted. I will be back to work until Monday. The furious Irma left everything upside down, but GREAT LESSONS: Strengthened family values, prayers for protection from all over the world were answered, unified neighbors, and solidified friendships. Lady Irma had mercy on us since our cities could not been able to resist the direct impact of a Cat. 5 Hurricane. Facebook was our mean to communicate and pray together. Thank you for your concern and love.  We will recover!

Day 9: Slowly getting back to normal. After three days of darkness without air conditioning, no internet, line phones, low network, I was disconnected to the outside world and news. The only mean of communication was Facebook. Unbelievable! We're paying high bills for our communication services, electricity, but I was able to contact my family via FREE social media. Something is wrong! However, the most important is to evaluate the way we have our elders, they are not disposable items that we left in one irresponsible facility to die alone. We will rebuild our houses, we will recover, but the lives lost by negligence is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Day 10: No internet, phone lines, and my data got to its limit for this month. I'll be disconnected from WhatsApp and Messenger for a while. I'm not complaining, but I think, If I live in a First World Country, imagine how hard must be for people on the Caribbean Islands? Please, don't waste water, light, or food, someone else is need it! Other than that, we’re FINE! 

Day 11: A week ago, Lady Irma passed by turning material possessions upside down, but strengthened family values and unified neighbors. Slowly we’re getting back to normal. Only Facebook has been the mean of communication. Thank you for following my adventure, for your prayers and good thoughts. Today, churches are open. Time to praise the Lord for all His Mercy. We're FINE!;)

Day 12: Preparing to get back to normal with a few changes: No classroom visits, read aloud events, or book promotion during September. I don't have car and we will focus on helping the community recover from Hurricane Irma’s impact. There is tons of work to do and you can help too! Thank you for your support and prayers. Have a lovely week. We’re FINE!

My favorite quote of the week: We're FINE!

F eeling
I nner peace
N ot worry
E ven under pressure

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Earth is taking, Are we listening?

La tierra nos está hablando a través de los huracanes, terremotos, inundaciones e incendios, pero pareciera que no la queremos escuchar. Somos tan frágiles ante la fuerza de una naturaleza que hemos descuidado tanto. Necesitamos tomar en serio estos alertas y revisar nuestra forma de vida tanto interior como exterior. Recordemos la importancia de reciclar, reusar, reducir el alto consumo de plásticos, controlar la tala de árboles, y analizar el lugar donde construimos nuestras casas. Es momento de evaluar nuestra relación con el prójimo, de solidaridad, oración colectiva, y unión familiar. Apaguemos el fuego en nuestro propio corazón. Mis oraciones con los afectados por los desastres naturales y mis condolencias a las familias que han perdido seres queridos. 🙏 💜 🌎

Earth is speaking to us through hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and fires, but it seems that we don't want it to listen. We are so fragile to the strength of a nature that we have neglected. We need to take seriously these alerts and revise our way of life both inside and outside. Remember the importance of Recycle, reuse, reduce the high consumption of plastics, control the cutting of trees, and analyze the place where we build our houses. It is time to evaluate our relationship with others, of solidarity, collective prayer, and family unity. Turn off the fire in our own heart. My prayers with the people affected by natural disasters and my condolences to the families who have lost loved ones. /🙏/💜 /🌎#LuzDelMes

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My tomato is a warrior!

Summer 2016, I started a Gardening Project. I was impressed how quickly my tomato was growing. From the first week to a month, I had to change to bigger pots several times. Then, I started to stake it for easy growing and followed this  great article, Grow your tomatoes with these easy tips. You can read it on:

A year after, the strong tomato survived inside my house for a week during Hurricane Irma's arrival on September 10th, 2017. It lost half of its leaves, but IT'S ALIVE! 

First week
Second week
Fourth week
Third week
My tomato is a warrior!

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Vanilla and Chocolate FIVE STARS Reader's Favorite

             Vanilla and Chocolate received FIVE STARS READER'S FAVORITE!
Vainilla y Chocolate recibió ¡CINCO ESTRELLAS DE READER'S FAVORITE!
Disponible en:

Somos Noticia - On the News

Golden Box Book Publishing Magazine dedicated a page to promote the Bilingual Collection Lessons for Living with moral by Award Winning Author Maritza Martínez Mejia.
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SOMOS NOTICIA en Golden Box Book Publishing. Una revista digital que le dedicó una página a la Colección Lecciones de Vida con Moralejas de la autora Maritza M. Mejia. 

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