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Ash Wednesday - Miércoles de ceniza

Ash Wednesday 
It is an old tradition from the eighth century in which the Catholics around the world receive blessed ashes made from the palms of last year’s Palm Sunday. The ashes represents: 

    1.    Our mortality
    2.    Call us to repentance
    3.    Beginning of Lent
    4.    Fast and abstain from meat 

"You are dust and to dust you shall return." ~Genesis 3.19~

Miércoles de ceniza

Miércoles de ceniza es una tradición desde el siglo VIII en que los católicos de todo el mundo reciben las cenizas benditas hechas de las palmas del domingo de Ramos del año pasado. Las cenizas representan:
1, Nuestra mortalidad
2. Llamado al arrepentimiento
3. Inicio de la Cuaresma
4. Tiempo de ayuno y abstinencia de carne.
"Polvo eres, y al polvo volverás" ~Genesis 3.19~

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Mardi Gras Traditions

Mardi Gras Traditions is about musical parades, food, floats and excitement. During the parades, people use purple, green and gold beads and colorful masquerades.
The term “Mardi Gras” (French word) means “Fat Tuesday” and refers to the Tuesday before Lent. It is called "Fat" or "Great" because it's associated with great food and parties. Lent always starts on a Wednesday with Ash Wednesday.
A king cake is a type of cake associated with the Feast of Epiphany celebrated twelve days after Christmas or related with the pre-Lenten celebrations of Mardi Gras/Carnival.

Activities for Mardi Gras: Create a Masquerade with any recycle supplies you have at home. 
"Laissez les bons temps rouler"
It means, Let the good times roll!

After Ash Wednesday is Lent!
What else to eat on Mardi Gras, visit:

                                   ¿Mardi Gras?
El término "Mardi Gras" (palabra francesa) significa "Martes gordo" y se refiere al martes antes de Cuaresma. Se llama "Grasa" o "Gran" porque se asocia con la buena comida y festivales. Mardi Gras es una tradición similar a los Carnavales de Rio, Barranquilla, New Orleans y todos los países que celebran con desfiles de carrozas y bailes tradicionales antes del Miércoles de Ceniza cuando inicia la Cuaresma.  Usualmente se hace la Rosca de Reyes o de Mardi Gras/Carnival.

¡Mañana es Miércoles de Ceniza!

Maritza Martínez Mejía
Mother, Educator, Bilingual Author and Translator
Recipient of the Crystal Apple Award 2006, VCB Poetry Winner 2015, Author’s Talk Book Award 2016, The Latino Book Awards 2016 and Author’s Talk Book Show 2017.

Monday, February 27, 2017

3er Annual Local Author's Book Fair

Author Maritza M. Mejia will attend The Third Annual Local Author Book Fair on March 11th , 2017 at Fort Pierce Branch Library located at
101 Melody Lane, Fort Pierce, Florida 34950 from a.m. to 1 p.m.

“We are excited that this year the Fort Pierce branch event will take place during the Saturday markets, so we want to extend a special invitation to people attending the markets right next door to the library. Of course, everyone is welcome to attend,” said Library Program Coordinator Shelia Small.
For more information visit http://library.stlucieco.gov

Meet, chat, buy books & get autographs!

Ft. Pierce Branch:  Britt C. Anderson - Lauren Gilbert - Demetri Glimidakis - Margaret Hawke - George Jackson - Viviana Mackade - Maritza M. Mejia - Pat Pattan - Ray Slaughter - L.R. Smolarek - Yvonne Tomlin - Christos Tzanetakos
Morningside Branch: Larry P. Auerbach - Fred Berri - R.J. Blacks - Jenise Brown - Dr. Marshall Cook - Mary Dodge - Dr. James Fantauzzo - Judy Fishel - Karen Howard - Jesse James Inigo - Megan Loughlin - M.A. Maggiano - Chad Miller - Yashi Nozawa - Virginia Nygard - Corina Pelloni - Allan Ramsay - Kathleen Spalding - David Tienter - Robert Vanderzee
Programming at the Library is enhanced by the support of the Friends of the St. Lucie County Library Assoc.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Maritza M. Mejia at Foro Literario de FefiTeve

Domingo Literario y Cultural   

Foro Literario organizado por Fefi TeVe

En Books & Books- Coral Gables

Maritza M. Mejia BOOKS available at Books & Books, Coral Gables

Tema: LA EXPECTACIÓN. "Enamorate de un personaje"

Compartimos con la autora del libro "VIVIENDO EN MODO AGRADECIDO" Jeanette J. Salvatierra.

Emotiva charla de la Autora del Libro Invitado: "LA VIDA EN LA PROFUNDIDAD" de Maria Victoria Carrasco

Domingo Literario con Fefi Toll y talentosas escritoras

Cerrando el Foro  Febrero 2017

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

South Florida 7th Annual Mango Writers Conference

   South Florida Writers Association


Author Maritza Martinez Mejia at the South Florida Writers Association 
7th Annual Mango Writers Conference held on Sat. Feb 25, 2017 
Winston Park Club House
8100 SW 132 Ave. Miami, FL 33183

     Writing Across  the Genres in the  Digital Age    

South Florida Writers Association 7th Annual Mango Conference
I had the opportunity to attend the 7th SFWA Mango Conference for the first time. The event surpassed my expectations. It was a day fill with enrich activities for authors and members.
The morning began with great tips about the “Changes in the Publishing Climate” by author and speaker Dave Bricker.  Follow by the Keynote speaker Mitchell Kaplan, Books & Books founder. He shared a fascinated story of the beginning and future projects of Books & Books in Florida. Ended with a “Breakout Groups,” I shared with the poets and excellent guidance of Connie Goodman-Milone & Jonathan Rose.

The lunch and music time gave us energy to continue the afternoon with Speakers, Panelist and Closing Raffle. Great Job SFWA Board and volunteers!

                        Photo Events 
    Best moments at the SFWA Mango Conference

Meeting Books & Books founder, Mitchell Kaplan
Photo courtesy: David Milone

Selling my memoir Hazel Eyes-Ojos Avellana at the Author's Table

Meeting SFWA Board members

Breakout groups: Poetry with Connie Goodman-Milone & Jonathan Rose
Yolande Jackson: Kid Writing with Art - Rocko's Big Launch author

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Plan Your Writing Ideas for 2017 by Maritza M. Mejia

 Are you organized?
 What is  your plan for the New Year and the rest of the year? 
I have some ideas that may help you. Visit LINK for details:

 By Maritza Martinez Mejia 

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World Read Aloud Day -Día Mundial de leer en voz alta

What is World Read Aloud Day?

World Read Aloud Day is a non-profit organization that:
Promotes literacy
- Encourages a love of reading 
- Increases children's prospects for success. 
- Founded in Hawaii in 1995 by Jed Gaines.

World Read Aloud Day Tips
·   Find a time to read comfortable.
·   Find appropriate books to read.
·   Go to the library regularly.
·   Build a home library space. 
·   Trade books with friends.
·   Discuss the book after reading it. 
·   Make reading a fun time.
·   Follow up a reading activity

At school, I Read-Aloud "Vanilla and Chocolateto k-3er. graders.
It is an easy to read story to build TOLERANCE in your classroom:

After Reading Activity with:  Vanilla and Chocolate

1. Ask question from the Vocabulary page. 

2.  Finish with Characters, Setting and Events Activit

3. Find Author's Purpose Activity using Chart below:  

Download FREE Activities:


Qué es el día Mundial de leer en voz alta? 

El dia mundial de leer en voz alta:
Promueve la alfabetización 
Fomenta el amor por la lectura 
Aumenta las perspectivas para el éxito. 
Fundador Jed Gaines en Hawaii 1995 

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