Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hazel Eyes Description

Product Description
An inspirational book for teenagers and adults.
From the Author
The reason I wrote this book was to take the reader on a journey to view my personal life
and to reveal my experience of faith. 
From the Inside Flap
To my parents who gave me life and the opportunity to be a witness of God's love. 
Thank you Mom and Dad in heaven!
From the Back Cover
Hazel Eyes takes the reader on a journey to discover the personal life of the author and spiritual experience of faith. This book is based on the belief that invisible forces and beings live among us.
It connects each chapter with supernatural events that the writer experience throughout her life.
The profit of this book will be used to promote Peace and Catholic Evangelization around the world.
About the Author
Maritza Martinez Mejia lives in Florida with her husband and their two teenagers. 
She graduated from Universidad Mayor de Cundinamarca in Commerce and Foreign Language
and Florida Atlantic University in Humanities and a Certificate in Women's Studies. 

Maritza is the author of a memoir in English called Hazel Eyes and soon translated into Spanish
with the title "Ojos Avellaneda." 

First Comment
Experience of Faith.
By Amy, September 14, 2010
What a beautiful collection of your experiences of Christ's love.  I really enjoyed it. 
I will share it with friends and family.  I too am a believer and feel so blessed to have God's love, grace, and salvation, through Christ.  
I love that you stepped out in faith to witness to others through writing this book.