Sunday, June 23, 2019

Author Maritza M. Mejia at ALA Conference 2019

Proud to announce the participation at #ALAAC19, the world’s #1 library event of the year, bringing together up to 20,000 librarians, staff, authors, publishers, and more.📚
This massive event took place at Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Award winning author, Maritza M. Mejia, poet and writer, participated on June 23th from 1pm to 4pm at #LatinoLiteracyNow booth #813B in the Diversity Pavilion.

"Awesome opportunity for Latino writers, but a little intimidated for indie authors. However, here I am!" said Mrs. Mejia.
#LuzDelMes 🌠
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What do readers say about Award Winning Book Hazel Eyes?

on March 4, 2016
Format: Paperback
Reading Author Maritza Martinez Mejia’s Hazel Eyes is somewhat
of a mesmerizing memoir. It’s never very easy to write about one’s life,
but the author captures the essence of her life in a way that’s
unquestionably an outstanding and unbelievable journey.
You’ll discover the young life of the author, her struggles and
challenges living in Colombia, growing up and being subjected
to worldly influences whereby she began to rebel.
The author reveals how God touched her and she underwent
a transformation not only in life but her views and behavior.
The memoir will leave you in awe, fill you with hope,
encourage you to renew your faith, cherish life,
believe in the power of the Lord, and most of all bestow the acts of kindness
and love upon all mankind. 

  Thank you Latino Literacy Now - & Family Festival Kirk Whisler

La autora y poeta  Maritza Martínez Mejía, AWA en Washington, DC #ALAAC2019 el 23 de Junio de 1pm a 4pm en #LatinoLiteracyNow mesa #813B del "Diversity Pavilion". Libro ganador por Mejor traducción inglés al espanol Y Mejor Ebook2016 a mitad de precio. ¡Nos vemos! #LuzDelMes 🌠

Maritza Martínez Mejía
Mother, Author, Educator and Translator
Member: FWA, SFWA, SCBWI, Board of Advisors MCBD, Delegado ANLMI
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Received Crystal Apple, VCB Poetry, Latino Book Awards, Author’s Talk