Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Gardening

Time to get busy with some Spring Gardening. I found GREAT readings for Spring!

1. Amelie Gets Busy!

Amelia seems impressed with all the wonders around her at the village’s farm with her Greek grandma named yiayia. Visiting Grandma is an opportunity to enjoy nature, flowers, plants, birds and farm animals. The lovely yiayia protects Amelia with affection and care. The children story ends with a fond display of yiayia’s favorite keepsake box where she keeps the reason to be impressed of farm’s life.

The author Agatha Rodi uses elegant rhymes to make the story dances with poetic structure. Soft pastel illustrations depict the simple and beautiful gardening and farming’s life style

For more information about the author visit:

By Monica Wellington  (Author, Illustrator)
Zinnia's Flower Garden is not only a story, but also a good science informational book for k-3er graders.
The art work was made from color copies cut and pasted onto paper painted with gouache or fabric. The last pages contain a Sunflower Gardening project with step by step instructions and picture of the progress with the growing Sunflowers. This book is a great introduction to gardening for homeschooling and spring/summer camps.
For more information about the author visit:

This is a fantastic collection of stories from different cultures around the world with a lot of Green Tress.
For students learning Spanish visit:

1.  ¡Es primavera! – An Online Story

¡Es primavera! This book introduces young Spanish learners to spring vocabulary in the context of full sentences. It is an online e-book you can downloaded as a PDF or visit the website:

2.  Mamá pájaro – A Printable Mini-book

Mamá pájaro is a free printable mini-book from DLTK. It is available in color or in black and white so kids can color it. The book repeats some of the vocabulary used in Es primavera.
The story follows a mother bird as she builds her nest, lays and sits on her eggs and feeds her babies. The predictable sequence of events is perfect for Spanish language learners. The pictures make the meaning of the text very clear.
Download Mamá pájaro.

Happy Readings and Good Gardening!

Welcome April - Bienvenido Abril

Reflections by Maritza Martínez Mejía
April is here. It’s time to leave behind the spiritual winter and celebrate the season of internal joy. As Christians we were preparing for forty days for Florid Easter. The cross and the empty tomb are the symbols that remind us what Jesus did for us. Now, what are we going to do for Him this month? I also extend this invitation for my non-Christians friends.
I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Welcome April

March is gone,
New season comes,
I wish, blessings to all!

@2016 Mejia

Abril llegó. Es tiempo de dejar el invierno espiritual y celebrar el tiempo de gozo interior. Como Cristianos/as nos estuvimos preparando por cuarenta días para la Pascua Florida. La cruz y la tumba vacía son los símbolos que nos recuerdan lo que Jesús hizo por nosotros. Ahora, ¿qué vamos a hacer nosotros/as por El? También extiendo ésta invitación para mis amigos no Cristianos. 
¡Les deseo a todos/as una Feliz Pascua!

¡Feliz Abril!

Cheers! - ¡Gracias!

Three years writing poems with Poetry Groups on Facebook helped me master Haikus, Tankas, Limericks, Cinquains and Sonnets until the day I put together the best poetry to create “Poems, Thoughts and More.” It contains not only bilingual poems, but flash fiction and travel anecdotes.

I selected Virtue Christian Books Award to submit my PDF file for the poetry competition 2015 since it was the few FREE contests in this genre. I only expected a good review; however, I received the First Prize Trophy.

This trophy is for all of you that follow my poems and believe in my work. Daily work paid off!

Thank you for your support!

Tres años escribiendo poemas con grupos de poesía en Facebook me ayudó a  perfeccionar Haikus, Tankas, Limericks, Cinquains y Sonetos hasta el día que recopilé la mejor poesía para crear "Poemas, Pensamientos y Algo más." Contiene no sólo poemas bilingües, sino ficción corta y anécdotas de mis viajes. 

Seleccioné Virtue Christian Books Award para enviar mi archivo PDF para la competencia de poesía 2015 ya que era de los pocos concursos gratis en este género. Sólo esperaba una buena revisión; sin embargo, he recibido el Primer Premio.

Este trofeo es para todos los que siguen mis poemas y creen en mi trabajo. ¡El esfuerzo diario dio frutos!                                                     
¡Gracias por tu apoyo!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Family Reading Festival Participation

This event brings Authors, Scholastic Book Fair, Readers Theater, stories with Mother Goose, Puppet Shows, Book Exchange and FREE Books for children.
Author Maritza Martinez Mejia has been part of The Saint Lucie County Reading Council since 2012. This year, she will present her Award-winning Poetry Book: Poems, Thoughts and More
Family Reading Festival Participation 

Hazel Eyes Presentation on 2012

Vanilla and Chocolate Presentation on 2013

Grandma's Treasure Presentation on 2014

Poems, Thoughts and More Presentation on 2015

Ojos Avellana Presentation on 2016

Come to have fun!

Visit my table to make a Helping Hands Bookmark, 
Donations will be sent to Ecuador via Catholic Relief Service 
To assist survivor of earthquake in Ecuador

Thank you for your support!

Our Donation today: LEVEL $25 
- Tracking Code: 1540-1961-1-1470017-1476476

or call toll free 877-435-7277 from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time.

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National Crayon Day.

March 31, 2016 is National Crayon Day. It is a great moment and colorful experience to draw with NEW crayons, but what about those who don’t have that opportunity?
Let’s create awareness of recycling, re-using and reducing waste by sharing old crayons to CCD Center, Preschools, Head Start Centers and Title1 Schools. 
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Poetry Prize Drawing

During April on National Poetry Month, I am participating with a Daily Haiku at NapoWriMo

Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional Japanese poetry. 
Haiku is a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

Poetry Prize Drawing

To receive a FREE copy of my winning-poetry book, Poems, Thoughts and More:
     1.    Visit my blog:
     2.    Read the daily poem
     3.    Post a daily comment

The person with more comments will win the poetry book. 
Good luck and Happy Reading!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Southern Writers - Suite T: Planning Ideas

Southern Writers - Suite T: Planning Ideas for the New Year: By Maritza Martinez Mejia 

Are you organized? What is  your plan for the New Year and the rest of the year? I have some ideas...Visit the link.

Happy April 2016!

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Celebrations on FWA Magazine - April 2016

Celebrations! Where we shine a spotlight on our members & cheer their accomplishments!

After publishing Hazel Eyes, Grandma’s Treasure, Vanilla and Chocolate, Maritza Martínez Mejía received the Virtue Christian Book Award 2015 for Best Poetry for her book Poems and Thoughts and More. Acceptance speech available at:

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Welcome Easter!

Easter is the most important and oldest feast on the Christian Calendar. It is a celebration of hope and joy with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many Orthodox Churches base their Easter date on the Julian calendar, which often differs from Western Churches that use the Gregorian calendar. 
This year 2016, Western Easter will be a week after the Spring/Fall equinox on March 27th to May 15th . The Orthodox Easter will begin on May 1st

Wherever calendar you follow, let’s begin Easter Season with a renewal spirit to become a better person.

 Easter Activities for Kids

 Read: The Resurrection - Luke 24: 1-11


This Easter, I will try to make a daily new dish, What is your favorite Easter Recipe?
Please share with us!

Happy Easter!