Wednesday, March 3, 2021

World Writers Day: March 3er

Tribute to Haiga & Haiku

Illustrations have been a great way of communication between people for many ages. For Haikuist is an honor to have an artists turn their words into Haiga. A milenial technique to retell the poem adding a unique creative power with arts.
The beginning of March is filled with Reading and Writing events. World Writers Day has been celebrated annually on March 3er since 1986, when it was established by the International Congress of PEN Club. 
Today’s inspiring collection by Professor Masashi Nakamura and collaborators around the world is devoted to the theme of creative illustrations for a variety of stories.
                  Happy Writer World Day!


Maritza Martínez Mejía

Mother, Author, Educator, Translator and Publisher
Member: FWA, MCBD Board of AdvisorsANLMI Delegate
International Read to Me! Day Ambassador.

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