Saturday, December 31, 2011

Author NEWS!!!

Dear friends, writing is my passion. The promotion process is hard; it demands time, dedication, frustration, rejections and so on...BUT future Projects coming SOON!!! 

Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Writing Style

I am promoting my memoir, Hazel Eyes. One editor asked me what is your Writing Style?...I wasn't sure at the moment how to answer, but now this is my  response...probably a little late for the editor...Not for me!

Writing to Inspire Others

As a mother, author, advocate, educator and speaker, my motivating passion is to help children and teenagers through inspiring and creative stories even when my writing style may be rejected–English is my second language after Spanish.

While a teenager, I enjoyed writing inspiring messages and poems for my friends in my native language. As a mother, I developed the necessity to write short stories in English for my children to teach them moral values that I could not find in the books at the library.  As I grew older, I ventured to write my memoir in a foreign language for respect to my relatives who did not want me to share my spiritual life, but my spirit moved me to write Hazel Eyes, an inspirational book for teenagers and adults published in 2010.

Writing a memoir connects our common stories that we experience beginning with our childhood and on through adulthood. This type of writing process serves as a wonderful healer. I wrote Hazel Eyes to take the reader on a journey to view my personal life and to reveal my experience of faith.

It took me nearly three years to write, research, and re-write since it was painful for me to remember some bad memories from my life as a child, doubts and questions as a teenager, and sadly moments as an adult like the loss of my parents. At the same time, it was breathtaking to remember my life as an adventurer traveling and working in different countries all over the word until the moment I met my Prince Charming and married. Since that moment, my life changed completely. I experienced the miracle of life as a mother and the enormous challenges that represent being a parent.  I also incorporated my devotional prayers, cultural traditions and celebrations that have been part of my life. When I wrote my memoir, I realized how important it was to examine life and wipe away past incidents and to forgive others. Hazel Eyes inspired me to continue to write inspirational messages for all ages.

My current project is to complete a children’s bilingual collection called Lessons for Living for ages 3-12 years old to promote virtues that often seem to be forgotten. Each story contains a moral, vocabulary page, and questions for discussion with children in classrooms or at home.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Lessons for Living is born!

Development of Lessons for Living:

Bilingual children stories (English/Spanish) with a moral.

After publishing Hazel Eyes, my first self-published memoir for teenagers and adults, I began a collection of bilingual books for students of Elementary School and Beginning Spanish learner students.

It will contain six stories to build tolerance, appreciation, compassion, love, faith and hope.

This is a family project; my daughter is the illustrator, my son the editor, my husband the webmaster and I am the writer.

Lessons for Living is born!

Estella Mejia created the first character

Desarrollo de Lecciones de Vida:
Historias bilingües para niños (Inglés/Español) con moraleja.

Tras la publicación de Ojos Avellana, mi primer libro de memorias publicado para adolescentes y adultos, empecé una colección de libros bilingües para alumnos de escuela primaria y estudiantes de Español.

Contendrá seis historias para construir tolerancia, gratitud, compasión, amor, fe y esperanza.

Este es un proyecto familiar; mi hija es el ilustrador, mi hijo el editor, mi esposo el web máster y yo soy el escritor.

Lecciones de Vida toma vida!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hazel Eyes Events and Interviews

The author of this book has been invited to the following events:

·        Hazel Eyes Published on April 24, 2010
·        Hazel Eyes Exhibition at Morningside Library - September 2011.

·        Saint Lucie County Reading Council - 3er Annual Family “Reading Festival” April 21, 2012 @ Met Stadium in Port Saint Lucie.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time to Promote my memoir!

~Take to take a Break to promote my memoir and a future project~

I'm writing, writing, writing!!!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hazel Eyes Exposition

Hazel Eyes is invited to participate on
Morningside Library Exposition 2011

Proud Author - Celebrate Hazel Eyes Anniversary @
Morningside Writers Group Exposition on the Library.
Spring 2011
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