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Story Book Halloween Parade with LuzDelMes

              Story Book Halloween Parade 

      Halloween is celebrated on October 31 st. The word comes from All Hallows Eve shorten to Halloween. All Hallows Eve means Holy evening. It is celebrated the night before All Hallows or All Saints Day on Nov. 1,st religious Festivity.  According to tradition this festivity came from the Celtics, who celebrated their New Year on November 1st. they honored the dead on that day and believed that witches, ghosts, goblins, and elves roamed the Earth on that night. Celtics made big bonfires to scare them away.

 From Europe to America the tradition turns into:
  ·      Halloween costumes and masks are worn.
·      Halloween decorations are put on doors and windows.
·      Scarecrows appear on porches with harvest decorations.
·      Halloween parties are given and scary stories are told.
·      Playing tricks, ringing doorbells and saying trick-or-treat to receive goodies.
·       Carve a pumpkin and place a candle inside them. When the candles are lit, the pumpkins glow. Sometimes they are called Jack-0'lanterns. This word came from an old fable about a man named Jack, who was mean and stingy. When he died, he could not get into heaven. There was not place he could go. So he carved a turnip, placed a piece of hot, glowing coal in it, and roamed about at night. People called him Jack of the Lantern.
·      In some places, there are Halloween costume parades contents or Character Book Parades.
Source extracted from Halloween by Gail Gibbons And Halloween Alternatives by Anne Joan Flanagan.

Book Suggestions for Character Book Parade
By Author Maritza M. Mejia

1.   Select a book
2.   Find a character
3. Create custom with recycle  items.
4. Get ready for the parade.
5. Bring book to the parade.
6.  No prizes are necessary. Have fun!   

Mrs. M. on   Vanilla and Chocolate 
Grandma on Grandma's Treasure    
                                     Pumpkin Story Book Character FUN Ideas👷👸👳🕵️👮
PPE Second Grader's Class
How do you celebrate it?
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Monday, October 30, 2017

Circle Time: Vanilla & Chocolate - Hora del círculo

Circle Time with Vanilla and Chocolate by Maritza M. Mejia

For this activity, children can share their thoughts, get to know other’s opinion, and ask questions on the subject of tolerance. 
Complete the following steps: 
    1.   Sit down in a circle.
    2.   Allow children to talk about the story.
    3.   Record their thoughts.
    4.   Make sure to stay focused on content.
5.   Summarize the main idea.

                                    More activities on: 

Hora del círculo con Vainilla y Chocolate
Por Maritza M. Mejia

   Para ésta actividad, los niños pueden compartir sus ideas, llegar a conocer la opinión de los otros, y hacer preguntas sobre el tema de la tolerancia. Siga los siguientes pasos:
     1.   Sentarse en forma de círculo.
     2.   Permitir que los niños hablen sobre el cuento.
     3.   Monitorear sus ideas.
     4.   Asegurarse que estén enfocados.
     5.   Resumir el tema central. 

     Ice-cream party after the activities:

Objective: Make connections between ice-cream flavor to skin colors. 

Ingredients: For K- 3er graders

1/2 gallon of Vanilla Ice cream

1/2 gallon of Chocolate Ice cream

Plastic bowls (one per each student)

Plastic spoons (one per each student)

Additional Optional ingredients to 3er-5th graders (To add connection with other skin colors) such as: Cherries, Caramel Syrup or  Sprinkles. 


1.    Set-up a table with the ice-creams tubs, bowls and spoons.

2.    Call each student to take one spoon of each ice-cream even if they don’t like one of the flavors.

3.    Let them be free to mix the colors, separate them or eat it.

Lessons for Living Book Trailer:
https://youtu.be/Kdz9mG1Xc5k  via @YouTube

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Vanilla and Chocolate Activities

Illustrations by Estella Mejia
Vanilla and Chocolate was published in October 2012 by Maritza M. Mejia.  his book was written to help children understand the virtue of Tolerance.

Main Setting: Vanilla and Chocolate main setting is at the Black and White Picnic where the development of the story mainly takes place. 

Plot: A concerned teacher helps two friends be together after their parents refused to let them play because of their skin color.

Characters: Mrs. M. prepared a Black and White Picnic Day where Vanilla and Chocolate’s parents recognized their kid’s friendship.

The last page of the story contains a vocabulary page and questions for discussion at home or at school.
Concerned (adjective):        Anxious, worried
Traditional (adjective):         Custom passed on from one generation to another
Ban (transitive verb):           To prohibit, forbid
Fulfilled (transitive verb):    Action completed, satisfied

1. What was the best part of the story?
2. What is your favorite illustration?
3. What did you learn about this tale?

   1. Use Characters, Setting and Events Drawing activity to discuss the topic of Tolerance. It is important to be honest, respect ideas and help students build tolerance.  

           2. Use Characters, Setting and Events Writing activity to discuss the topic of Tolerance.

                        3. After the Read Aloud you can use a Sequence of Events Activity.

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Lessons for Living Book Trailer:
https://youtu.be/Kdz9mG1Xc5k  via @YouTube

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Premiación Cuarto Concurso "Cuéntale tu Cuento a La Nota Latina"

Fotos cortesía Mila Tapperi Hajjar

Agradecemos a La Nota Latina y los organizadores por regalarnos una tarde llena de fraternidad, alegría, y celebración en torno al Cuarto Concurso "Cuéntale tu Cuento a La Nota Latina". Concurso creado por La revista digital La Nota Latina, en colaboración con Mi Libro Hispano para recalcar la importancia de la Celebración Internacional del Mes del Libro Hispano.

“Cuéntale Tu Cuento a La Nota Latina” es un concurso que se realiza desde el año 2014. Es el único concurso en español para hispanos que hacen vida en Estados Unidos y tiene como propósito preservar la riqueza cultural de los países hispanohablantes, traducida en costumbres,  tradiciones, fiestas patronales, gastronomía, transporte y medio ambiente. Su objetivo es dejar un legado para las nuevas generaciones e hijos de inmigrantes hispanos.

La escritora Maritza M. Mejia ha participado en TRES ocasiones quedando como finalista en DOS. En el 2017 recibe el certificado de finalista por el cuento El Regalo más Maravilloso . 
El jurado seleccionó al cuento “En peligro de extinción” del escritor de origen guatemalteco Luis Rudy Xalin Balán, quien reside en el estado de Texas, como la obra ganadora de esta cuarta edición. Felicitamos a los ganadores y finalistas.

¡Agradecida con Dios y la Vida!

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