Monday, May 1, 2017

Let's Make a Mother's Day Poem Together!...Tú poema a mamá

You are cordially invited to create a Poem with me!
Mother’s Day Together Poem
My Mother…

Dynamo, straight-backed, unstoppable force of nature, with a smile that lights up the darkest heart. Terry Morale

 Always believes in me, even when I forget to believe in myself! Lorri-Ann Oakes Rudzinski

The gardener of my faith.  Maria Angel del Rio 

 Never give up, you will think of something! Agatha Rodi

The person I hope to be one day. Linda Evans Hofke

 Was the most inspiring, strong, loving, survivor without an ounce of hatred in her body. Heidi Frisch Rosen

The person who taught me to be patient and kind not only to others but also to myself. Linda Evans Hofke

A unique woman of courage and perseverance, Maritza M. Mejia 

Mi madre es insuperable, es la alegría de mi corazón todos los días, es que le ha dado excelencia y calidad a mi vida. Roberto Abril 

Happy Mothers's Day!
Tú poema a mamá

Reina de mi corazón 
Siempre en mi oración 
Eres la estrella que más brilla en el cielo

Se que me cuidas desde allí, pero me haces mucha falta

Mis besos lleguen a ti por siempre

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