Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Poetry Book Blog Tour Award

Poems, Thought and More 
Blog Tour

Jan. 8/15 -   Poems, Thoughts and Anecdotes IDEA was born.

Jan. 15/15 - WRB Publishing has scheduled datelines to submit poems.

Feb. 1st/15- Poetry book is in progress collecting the best of my poems.

Feb. 14/15- Photo session and final title Poems, Thought and More.

Mar. 7/15 - Promoting FIRST Poetry Book at PBCCCW Conference.

Mar. 15/15- Approved final covers…What a challenge!

April 18/15- Poetry Book lived on KINDLE blessed to have my dream a reality.

April 25/15 - BOOKS have ARRIVED!!! Thank you God!

April 28/15 - Something about my work on Lisa's Book Reviews.

May 1/15 -    About the Book: Presentation for schools

May 2/15 -   Poetry Book Release: Book Trailer.

May 3/15 -   Entered Virtue Christian Poetry Contest 2015. 

May 16/15-  Promoting Poetry Book at CCW Convention.

May 22/15-  Speaker at J.K.Sweet School What an honor!

June 14/15 - Joined 2015 Poetry Marathon  organized by Caitlin Elizabeth Jans.

June 15/15 - Honored to be nominated by Virtue Christian 2015 Nominee 

June 16/15 - FIRST Prize on my Poetry Book announced winners.

June 18/15 - Time to celebrate with friends and family.

June 22/15 - Acceptance speech to receive Virtue Christian Poetry Award 2015 

June 22/15 -  Received Five Stars Review as a Bilingual Gem.

June 24/15 -  My books on how cool!
June 25/15 - Signed for AZ Libris 2015 organized by Margarita Rosa Pedrozo-Walling.
June 27/15 - Interview by MCBD event organized by Valarie Budayr
July15/15 - Look who is at Mic Nite? Thank you Southern Writers Magazine!​ 
Aug. 2/15 - FREE Chapter Two on Take FIVE at Sothern Writers Magazine.

Aug. 19/15 - Welcome to AZ LIBRIS 2015. Thank you for the recognition.

Sept 12/15 - Presenting my books at AZ LIBRIS 2015 Event. Great time!
Sept.15/15- Hispanic Heritage Month at IRSC Events.
Oct. 8/15 - Presenting poetry at Indian River State College.  
Oct. 16/15 Poetry Night via online in Radio Argentina. Technology is amazing!
Nov. 5/15- Poems, Thoughts and More has a Hashtag: #‎GivingtheGiftofPoetry
Nov. 20/15 - Participation at Miami Int. Book Fair. What an honor! I’m scared.
Dec. 5/15 - Recognition at Author Talk Book Show organized by Maria S. Perry
Feb. 24/16 - Read aloud America participation at local school.
Feb. 28/16 - Read a poem and shared my books at ArtFest Stuart.
Mar. 12/16 - Presenting my poetry book at the PSL Local Library
Mar. 13/16 - Books participation at PBD Women Conference.

April 1/16 – Joined NaPoWriMo 2016 to celebrate National Poetry Month.

May 2/16 – A year of work paid off! 

Write, read, listen to others and support others to succeed!

"Thy business is with the action only, never with its fruits; 
so let not the fruits of action be thy motive, nor be thou to inaction attached." 

Gita: Chapter II-47.

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