Saturday, March 12, 2016

St. Lucie County 2nd Annual Author’s Book Fair

Art by Laura Belschner

I attended St. Lucie County 2nd Annual Local Author’s Book Fair on March 12, 2016 at the Morningside Library. A day to meet with local authors and for the community to meet with writers.

Thank you St. Lucie County for a great day!

My Last year's participation on
First St. Lucie County Book Fair 2015

This year participation I meet with Author:

Sue Arndt, Larry P. Auerbach, Janet Balletta, fred berri, Sheila Craan, Aria Dunham, Stephanie Erickson, Gail Gilroy, DonnaMarie, Margaret Hawke, L.D. Hedman, Karen Howard, Gene Hull, George Jackson, Carole Lee Limata, Megan Loughlin, Maritza M. Mejia, Chad Miller, Yashi Nozawa, Virginia Nygard, "Tiger" Lydi Pallarés, Willard F. Rockwell, III, Albert Schwartz, Solana Tara, Christos Tzanetakos.

Author Maritza Martinez Mejia Awards: SFW Association Third Prize on Short Story and VCBA First Prize on Poetry.

Thank you for the recognition.
See you next year SLC friends!

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