Monday, March 21, 2016

Women of Faith, Women of Action Conference

The 7th Annual Catholic Women of Faith, Women of Action Conference on March 19th on St. Mathews Catholic Church was an inspiring day of renewal.
The Guest speaker ValLimar Jansen made a great performance. Her mission is to inspire through song story and movement. The Music by Thomas Bold and the Young Spirit from St. Bernadette Church in Port St. Lucie made our day!

Thank you for the invitation!

Author Maritza Martinez Mejia  prepared Hazel Eyes  with 
FREE Rosary for Peace.

All donations from March 2015- March 2016 went to 
Human Dignity Campaign - Cross Catholic Outreach -

Photo:  Author Maritza Martinez Mejia 2016 participation

Photo:  Author Maritza Martinez Mejia 2015 participation

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