Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter 2017 - Felices Pascuas 2017

Easter or Pascha is the most important and oldest feast on the Christian Calendar. It is a celebration of hope and joy with the resurrection of Jesus Christ
Easter is preceded by Lent, a forty-day period of fasting and penance.

Easter date varies from year to year. Many Orthodox Churches base their Easter date on the Julian calendar, which often differs from Western Churches that use the Gregorian calendar. 

The year 2017 and 2025 Western and Orthodox Easter will be on the same date: April 16th, 2017. 

Let’s begin Easter or Pascha Season with a renewal spirit to become a better person and share good memories with family and friends.

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La fecha de la Pascua varía de año en año. Muchas iglesias ortodoxas base la fecha de Pascua en el calendario Juliano, que difiere a menudo de las iglesias occidentales que usan el calendario Gregoriano.   En el año 2017 y el 2025 la Pascua Ortodoxa y Occidental será en la misma fecha. 
PASCUA: 16 de abril de 2017

Happy Easter :) Felices Pascuas :)
Joyeuses Pâques :) Buona Pasqua :)

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