Thursday, June 29, 2017

What is a Haiku?

My favorite poetry style is a Haiku (plural Haiku). 
hai·ku /ˈhīˌko͞o(noun) It is the most important form of traditional Japanese 
poetry. It contains a numerical value of seventeen unrhyme syllables compose in three lines of 5-7-5. The Haiku traditionally evokes images of the natural world. 
 When the three lines refer to the human conditions the Haiku is called: Senryū (川柳) literally means "river willow" or Human Haiku.

Enjoy my Human Haiku dedicated to the Senses:
Senses Haiku
 By Maritza M. Mejia@2015
from Poems, Thoughts and More Page #45

If we were sightless
We would see human’s essence
Not skin colors

If we were unscented
We do not enjoy nature
And the beauty of life

Voice without sound,
Are we listening to others?
Attend to be heard!
Life without flavor,
Empty, gloomy, dim, tasteless,
Toss color to your life!

How could this be possible?
Humans need humans.
One precious value!
Watch, sense, listen, and feel,
Follow it on your path.

  For this month readings, I present to you my Award Poetry Book: