Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday Tritina Challenge: Week One

Do you have an obsession to learn? Yes, I have! 
April Challenge on National Poetry Month is over. I wrote thirty Haikus in thirty days. The poems are lived on my Blog and Social Media. Check it out! http://luzdelmes.blogspot.com/

What is my poetry challenge for May?  Write a Tritina a week. The length and repetition in the Tritina may be and easy form. The Tritina is related to the Sestina.

This poem from the twentieth-century invention contains the following Form:

  1 2 3          - End words of lines in first tercet.
  3 1 2          - End words of lines in second tercet.
  2 3 1          - End words of lines in third tercet.
  (1 2 3)        - Words contained in the final line.

What do we need?

We need a space
With hope and joy
Do you know this place?

We need a place
A restful space
To maintain joy

We need a dream to joy
To keep living in one place
Do you know this space?

Is this a space a joy in place?

(Tritina, @Mejia2016)

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