Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome May - Bienvenido Mayo

Reflections by Maritza Martínez Mejía

Mothers are remembered on this memorable month of May, but for those whose mothers are not present is not easy to recall. However, it is important to recognize the value of giving birth, nurture, and taking care of a reliant being. Let us recognize the value of motherhood even if you are not a mother; we all need to embrace parenthood with love, responsibility and care. Have a Happy May!

May Sonnet

Colorful tune
Giving sing
To a new moon
Welcome spring

The chill is over
Lives be sheer
Days are long
May is here

As the world turns
Some may not sense
The new air
Gentle and dense

But here we are waiting for
A New and Bright Month

(Sonnet, @2016 Mejía)

Have a Happy May!

Las Madres son recordadas en este memorable mes de Mayo, pero para aquellos/as que sus madres no están presentes no es fácil acordarse. Sin embargo es importante darle el reconocimiento a esta magnífica experiencia de dar a luz, alimentar, y cuidar a un indefenso ser. Apreciemos el valor de la maternidad aunque no seas madre; todos/as necesitamos acoger la paternidad con amor, responsabilidad, y cariño. 

¡Tengan un Feliz Mayo!