Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Holy Trinity with Shamrocks, Eggs or Apples

The Holy Trinity is not only a difficult concept to explain to adults, but a challenge trying to explain it in terms a child can understand. The Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed  contains a great lesson and deep meaning of the controversial Trinity concept.

My favorite analogy of the Trinity is the Shamrock method used by Saint Patrick. Three leaves, but ONE Shamrock.

With the melody of Frère Jacques, sing with your kids while making the activity:
Praise the Father. Praise the Father.
Praise the Son. Praise the Son.
Praise the Holy Spirit. Praise the Holy Spirit.
Three in one. Three in one.



Other method I learned in a Religious Class is:  Three in One with a hard-boiled Egg:  The shell, the white, and the yolk represents God is made up of three parts (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), there is still only one God as only one Egg.

Photo: http://www.blessedbeyondadoubt.com
This year I found this creative book,  3 in 1: A Picture of God by Joanne Marxhausen  (Author), Ed Koehler (Illustrator), Benjamin Marxhausen (Illustrator)

The author uses another method to guide children through the Holy Trinity with three parts: peel, flesh and core. Those parts represent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 
Watch the Book’s video : it explains the concept clearly for children to understand the Holy Trinity.

Happy Holy Trinity!

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