Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Read Aloud America 2016

What is Read Aloud America?
Read Aloud America is a non-profit organization 
that promotes literacy, encourages a love of reading 
and increases children's prospects for success. 
Founded in Hawaii in 1995 by Jed Gaines.

Read Aloud Tips
  • Find a time to read when you can relax.
  • Read the book before you read it to your child.
  • Go to the library with your children regularly.
  • Build a home library space. 
  • Trade books with friends.
  • Talk about the stories with your child. 
  • Make reading a fun time.
  • Follow up a reading activity

Find Author's Purpose:

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Build a Home / Classroom Library

1. Find inexpressive books in Garage Sales.
2. Visit Book drives at your local church or school.
3. Find FREE Diversity Books at Multicultural Children's Book Day Event.
4. Participate on Social Media Parties and Giveaways for FREE books. 
5. Follow your favorite author page for FREE books or activities.

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Happy Readings!

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