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February Spotlight Interview with Ann Morris

Ann Morris on Luz Del Mes January Spotlight Interview - bMaritza Martinez Mejia

Welcome Ann to Spotlight Interview! Tell me:
Q1. What makes you proud to be a writer from The United States?

A1. I know the truth about the American people vs the myth. We are not all rich, and we are not all loud, demanding tourists. We women are not like the women in movies (I had to battle that stereotype in Spain…lol). Many of us are well informed about the plight of the African Americans and their history. Many of us understand the plight of the Latinos who immigrate here. Many of us see the need to learn other languages, so others don’t have to bow to us. We have many free parks and activities that are usually provided by private clubs in other Hispanic countries. In my living and travels, I’ve lived under a military regime, a transitioning socialistic democracy (Spain) and visited other places where the wealthy are much more privileged than the rest of the population. It has brought me socio-economic awareness.

Q2. What or who inspired you to write the bilingual children book Everything is Different? 
A2. Since I’m already bilingual, it’s logical for me, but as I tutored English to Spanish students and taught High School Spanish, I found children’s books are a good way to show language learners that they can stretch their reading comprehension and vocabulary through these books. I was also involved with a project sponsored by Latinos Unidos of Iowa that brought our attention to the lack of books in Spanish at the Public Library of Des Moines, Iowa. We did several projects over the course of the year and were able to donate $4000+ for the library to purchase suggested titles in Spanish for their collection. Literacy and languages are always something I support. All of my books are available in both English and Spanish.

Q3.  Do you come up with your title before or after you write the manuscript? 
A3.  For Everything Is Different/Todo es distinto, I believe the title was already there. That was the life experience, the focus of the book, and included in the message.

Q4. Why do you prefer to write Children Books? 
A4  I have written Children’s Books because they are easier for language learners to read. Teachers like them. Parents and children like them. They have a message that children understand, yet messages that adults also grasp. More Spanish children’s books are needed for our growing Latino population!

Q5. What is your promotion strategy to promote your children book?
A5. I post updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, my own website (, and have other websites where my books are featured. I am a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and have my books located in several coffee shops and independent bookstores around town. I participate in author festivals, arts festivals, do private “Meet the Author” events and signings, and I visit elementary schools. My books are on, where teachers can learn about them. I’ve done radio interviews in English and Spanish and am always welcoming new opportunities. I offer story time at arts festivals and have presented on “Why Bilingual Children’s Books?” at others. It is not only promotion of a book, but of languages and communication.

Thank you for your time to answer this question for Luz Del Mes Spotlight Interview.

Excellent Books to begin 2016!

Author of Everything Is Different/Todo es distinto, Surprise in Auntie’s Garden/¡Sorpresa en el jardín de la tía!, and Mommy and Mikel Go for a Walk/Mami y Mikel dan un paseo

Contact  Ann Morris
My website and my LinkedIn sites have a list of the places where I participate.
Facebook: Ann Morris, Children's Bilingual Author & Spanish Language Consulting

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