Friday, August 4, 2017

Getting ready for The Poetry Marathon 2017

Photo cortesy: The Poetry Marathon
I participated in the Half-Poetry Marathon 2016 and Complete Poetry Marathon 2015. It is an exciting event!
The complete poetry challenge consists on writing 24 poems in 24 hours and the half-marathon:12 poems in 12 hours. 
Every hour, you receive a prompt with images or even music to inspire you to write your poem. 
This phenomenal event is organized by Caitlin Jans (Thomson) and Jacob Jans, two writers and web publishers living in the Pacific Northwest. 

Based on my experience, this is how I prepare for a Poetry Marathon Challenge

 1. Sleep well the night before. 
2. Join and follow Facebook Group Posts, days in advance. 
3. Check Prompt every hour and even create your own prompts
4. Work on a word document and edit before publish on the Poetry Website Event.
5. Best of all, Have FUN!

And What to do in between hours?
Prepare an easy meal, drink herbal tea, do yoga, even laundry,
and the most important, read other's participant poems!

What is you prepariton?,,,
Be part of the Poetry Marathon Challenge - August 5th, 2017

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