Friday, November 4, 2016

Author's Talk Book Show @ Barnes & Noble FIU

Author’s Talk Book Show presented EIGHT Authors and their Books at Barnes & Noble FIU on November 5/16 thanks to the effort and organization of Maria Salvadora Perry.

Program organized by Maria Perry:

Authors & Sponsors:

Event Photos Participants

Maria Salvadora Perry organizer
Mery Larrinua participant

Margarita Pedrozo Participant
Isabel Cintas participant
Rosario Solares participant

Olga Muñoz participant

Maritza Martinez Mejia participant

                                          Presenting Awards                                                                           
Receiving my participation awards

Receiving an Award for my work,
Author's Talk Book Show Award

Books and work available at:

Poetry Contest 
Presenting recognition to Poetry Judges


First Place: Loly Triana
Second place: Olga Muñoz
Third place: Rosario Solares

Congratulations to the winners!

Special Thank you to the organization and sponsors. 

Thank you Barnes & Noble FIU for selling our books.

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