Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Twelve Days of Christmas for Writers

In the last four years, I have participated in the "12 days of Christmas for Writers" by Julie Hedlund. During day 2 and 3 of the challenge, she invites us to write on an empty piece of paper the surprises and successes of the year to focus on our accomplishments instead of New Year’s resolutions. Julie believes the way New Year's resolutions are traditionally made comes from a place of negativity - what DIDN'T get done or achieved in the previous year.

Due to the challenges we are facing in the past two years, I think it is exclusively important to recognize the small or big effort of this tough year. I invite you to make your list, you don’t have to publish it, but be generous with yourself.

Here is my list of my major professional accomplishments for 2021. 👉

As teacher, my biggest surprise this year was to continue working with social distance protocols and face mask due to Covid-19 restrictions. I am grateful that the school staff and students have been supportive and respectful with the conditions we are facing. I appreciate it so much!

As writers, the pandemic has opened doors of unexpected experiences:

1.     I am focused to continue studying and amazingly enough, I finished five classes. I am three more away of my Master in Theology for Educators.

2.  Attended Authors for Authors Conference following all new safety regulations and presented the “10 Net- Etiques for Writers.”

3. Participated in the Virtual Poetry Sessions with "Grupo Poético Colombiano" and “Poetry for Peace LuzDelMes.”

4. Contributed with Poetry Anthologies in USA, Colombia & Mexico: Poetry Marathon 2021, Grupo Poético Colombiano and Pandero Cultural. 

5. Joined VIRTUAL events worldwide via Zoom, Google Meet and Teams: IV Encuentro Internacional de Escritores por la Paz (Sogamoso, Boyacá, Col.); XIX Parlamento Internacional de Escritores (Cartagena, Colombia); III Encuentro Internacional Crisálida Poética (Cartago, Valle, Col); Soy Patria al Despertar (Mexico); FILNY (New York, USA)

6. Opened TWITCH.TV/Luzdelmes and enjoyed recording my poems and tales.

7. Invited to be part of Read to Me Day (Australia) as Ambassador.

8. I made a research on Human Ecology and Environment. My blog LuzDelMes in English and Spanish contains the results. This will be my focus Thesis for 2022. 

9. I published my first Bilingual Children Eco tale “The Purple Shell” on Paperback and Kindle.

10. I published my Bilingual Adult Christian Poetry Book, “In Him, I Rest” on Kindle version.

Maritza M. Mejia writes to inspire others to be their best selves.

Thank you for your support!🌷 #LuzDelMes 🌠


Maritza Martínez Mejía

Mother, Author, Educator, Translator and Publisher
Member: FWA, MCBD Board of AdvisorsANLMI Delegate
International Read to Me! Day Ambassador.
Received Crystal Apple Award, VCB Poetry Award, Latino Book Awards 2016 & Author’s Talk

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