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Four Elements in Mythology: Seeking a World Nature


According to The Four Elements in Mythology, Greek and Japanese philosophy are the common intersection where these two cultures meet. Myths has functioned as a compass to find their way in the complex journey of self-knowledge. Greek mythology and Japanese mythology, which are far apart, have much in common as a mythological world of faith in nature.

Based on the previous book Lafcadio in Japan Code, Seeking a Lost Spiritual Period, Professor Masashi Nakamura explains, “Japanese mythology the Kojiki 古事記 (712) is still the foundation of modern Japanese spiritual culture. Before coming to Japan, Lafcadio Hearn studied the Kojiki Records of Ancient Matters. What Lafcadio Hearn saw was universal human values. He shared his values through empathy (共感 kyokan) with books and experiences about ancient Greece, the Celtic civilization and Japan. Its value should not be limited to the ancient Indo- Aryan family and the Mongoloid & Pacific Rim family.

 This NEW BOOK, "The Four Elements in Mythology: Seeking a World Nature" explores the commonalities of Greek and Japanese mythology and discovers universal values and philosophies common to all human beings to seek peace. 

The book is divided into four equivalent chapters, one for each element, thus uniting the myths with each other, with the fifth element being their Fusion at the end of each chapter, says, Greek artist, Maria Papatzelou.  She uses Japanese hand-made paper and incorporating Greek and Japanese iconography to be exhibited in Japan.

The Co-Author of this book, Athina Meli, Professor of Astrophysics explains the scientific introduction of the four elements:

1. Earth Gaia, the Spaceship of life. 

2. Water, and its Amazing Properties. 

3. Air, a Dynamic Balancing Energy. 

4. Fire, a Primary Substance of the World. 

The Epilogue, by Dr. Jann Williams, weaves those four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire with the fifth element of Emptiness. As Dr. Williams has mentioned, the “Four Elements” are essential to our existence; "sometimes friends, sometimes foe." Elements that impart universal and unique experiences across time, place and culture.

Book Edited by Masashi Nakamura, Illustrated and designed by Maria Papatzelou, along with writers, artists and philosophers from Greece and Japan.  Epilogue by Dr.  Jann Williams who connects us globally with her reflection.

English translations and proofreading : Main : Faye Tzanetoulakou, Steve McCarty
Editing & publishing : Masashi Nakamura, JAPAN CODE BOOKS
Photographs : Everett Kennedy Brown ( kimomo model Junko Sophie Kakizaki ) Stavros Parcharidis (kimono model Kiki Parcharidou Κικη Π' ) Hugo Kempeneer, Jagoda Photos (kimono model Dimitra Evagelou) and Maria Papatzelou , Xrysanthi Illyriana Bekta & Seiki Gaetanes ( kimono model Sara Tan )
Sample of the book:

Available in two formats:

PDF : € 8, USD 9, AUD 12, ¥ 1000.

PAPERBAK: € 20, USD 23, AUD 30, ¥ 2500 (plus shipping costs).

Contact information: JAPAN CODE

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