Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Celebrating Earth Day wiht Compost

Thanks to Anita Shukla, I began to compost using kitchen scraps from fruits, vegetables and egg shells. After a week of collecting organic waste and covering with soil. Wait two to four weeks under the sunlight to obtain the final product: Organic Compost.

Darby Hoover, NRDC’s senior resource specialist in the Food and Agriculture program—and master of the household compost heap—recommend to keep your food scraps and other household waste out of the trash can. “Compost adds nutrients and organic matter back to soil, which benefits agriculture, reduces our reliance on synthetic fertilizers, diverts methane-producing organic materials from landfills, and improves soil’s water retention capacity so you don’t need to water as much,” she says.

Be selective with your scraps

There are a few food scraps that should still go out with the trash (or into your curbside “green“ bin, if you’re lucky enough to live in a city that accepts food scraps for centralized composting). However, meat, bones, and dairy products don’t belong in the typical household compost pile.  “Meat scraps and bones will attract cats or skunks from a long distance, as will oils like olive oil,” says Bill Hlubik, a professor of agriculture and plant science at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

For how to compost ? Please watch this video👉
#NovedadesdemiJardin 🌴#LuzDelMes

Thank you for taking care of our "Common Home"!
our sanctuary
our beautiful common house
let's take care of it!
(Haiku, 2018)

NOVEDADES DE MI JARDÍN : Después de tres semanas, los desechos de vegetales, frutas y cáscaras de huevo se han descompuesto y creado un nutriente abono para mis plantas recién germinados. #NovedadesdemiJardin 🌴#LuzDelMes ✨
Listo para usar de abono orgánico. 

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