Monday, January 4, 2016

Planning Ideas for the New Year


Designed by Estella Mejia

Tips for Success

If you are like many who need to be organized,what is your plan for the New Year? 

I have some ideas that may help you find the right path for a successful beginning. 
Step by step you reach far. Go ahead! 
Have a productive 2016!

1. Use Picture Boards or Vision Boards to remind you the path you desire to follow, and the goals you hope to achieve during the upcoming year using the power of images. For detailed information visit:

2. Planners or Calendars to mark important due dates, meetings, anniversaries, birthdays or any important days you don’t want to miss. There a vast variety of calendars and planners. Which one is your best planner or calendar?

I frankly use the calendar I received at the New Year’s Mass at my local church. I use it as MASTER CALENDAR. I mark all my children's important school days and activities in black pen. I use blue pen for my working days as substitute teacher and purple for my book signing or book exhibitions. Finally, I use a red pen for important family activities or medical appointments. I happily use green for our TRIPS.

3. Monthly Check List for a simple way to mark important dates in a list by month. After the task is done,you cross it off the list with red pen or your favorite color pen. For me, the satisfaction of completing a task is unique.

No matter the style you use, it is important to get organized and set goals to achieve success. Make your dreams and turn them into goals to 2016.
What is your planning style?

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    Get ready for a successful year!

  2. Great organizational tips for personal and business use in the New Year. Thanks for posting and best wishes on the new blog.

    1. Thank you Janet. Happy New Year!

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