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Write a Haiku for Earth Day

According to history, the first "Earth Day" celebration worldwide was on April 22nd, 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The purpose is to bring awareness to the population of the responsibility for each of us to share in the protection of the Earth and its resources.

However, What can we do to protect our planet?

First,we can start by practicing the Three Rs: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and avoid plastic consumption.  Many supermarkets are collaborating with the use of paper or fabric bags and we too must collaborate on that great effort. 

Second,  try to compost using kitchen scraps from fruits, vegetables and egg shells. After a week of collecting organic waste, covering with soil, and watering, you are ready to wait for the final results. Visit Blog for details:

Third, create conscience by writing Haiku poems. This Japanese poetry style for nature will inmerse you in the love for our planet Earth. In honor of our planet, I invite you to write a Haiku to remember the beauty of our "Common Home."[1] 

🌎Write a Haiku for Earth Day on April 22nd 🌍 

Haiku is a Japanese poem in honor of Nature consisting of 17-syllable verse form
of three metrical units of 5/ 7/ 5 syllables. Example: 

Common Home
Our Sanctuary
our beautiful common house
let's take care of  it!

(Haiku, @Luzdelmes -Mejia2018)

Debating science 
We don’t heed warnings
From dinosaurs. 

Once common
April snow

(Haiku by Author Yvona Fast 2021)

Today is Earth Day.
Do your part to save our Earth.
It is up to us.
(Haiku by Ash McGrath, 2021) 

Día de la Tierra

Según la historia, el día del planeta se celebró por primera vez el 22 de abril de 1970 para tomar consciencia ecológica y conservar nuestra “Casa Común”. Sin embargo, ¿qué podemos hacer para contribuir? Podemos empezar practicando las  TRES Rs: Reusar, Reciclar, Reducir evitar el consumo de plástico.  Muchos supermercados están colaborando con el uso de bolsas de papel o tela y nosotros también debemos colabora en ese gran esfuerzo. 
Te invitamos a escribir un Haiku en honor al día de la Tierra. 
Haiku es un poema japonés en honor a la naturaleza que consiste en una forma de verso de 17 sílabas de tres unidades métricas de sílabas 5/7/5. Ejemplo:

Casa común
Santuario vital
es nuestra casa común.
¡vamos a cuidar!

(Haiku, @LuzDelMes -Mejia2018)

Mi vida gira 
la tierra ronda el sol
Con mi vista veo. 

Poema de Roberto Abril, 2021

la Tierra gira
siembra, sombra y semilla.
lluvia y cosecha! 

(Haiku, Olga M. Munoz, 2021) 

Escribe un Haiku para el Día de la Tierra y Comparte.
Share your own Haiku as a comment. 
Thank you!

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[1] Pope Francis, “Laudato Si: On care for our Common Home” Accessed 2020

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