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Easter - Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs are my favorite way to explain the Easter Story. It is a visual way to walk through the Passion Sunday to Easter Sunday. Each egg contains a small trivia article intended to provide a reminder of a portion of the Biblical story.

You cake make your own Resurrection Eggs by using an egg carton, 12 plastic eggs and small items to represent the Easter StoryOr you can order yours at: 



1.     Put Eggs in order. Number the eggs with a marker or a sticky tab in the carton.

2.     Read in order the Biblical Scripture. This will help children understand the meaning behind each Resurrection Egg. 

3.     After reading the Biblical passage, open the Egg. 

4.     Select your own way to open the eggs or have an Egg Hunt to find the Eggs.

My Resurrection Eggs Learning Activity

Note: I did a little change to the Resurrection Eggs to follow the full Gospel truth.

Egg #1: Palm Sunday - Mark 11:1-10 

Egg #2: Last Supper – Luke 22:14-20

Egg #3: Agony in the Garden - Luke 22: 39-46

Egg #4: Betrayal of Jesus - Luke 22: 47-52

Egg #5: Flagellation of Jesus- Luke 23: 13-23

Egg #6:  Crown of Jesus - Mathew 27: 27-29

Egg #7: Jesus Carries the Cross – Luke 23:26

Egg #8: Gambled Jesusclothes – Mathew 27: 27-31

Egg #9: Veronica wipes Jesus' face - Isaiah 53: 2-3

Egg #10: Nailing Jesus on the Cross – John 19: 17-27

Egg #11: Jesus side is Pierced – John 19: 31-37

Egg #12: The Burial of Jesus -Matthew 27:57-61

Egg #13: The Resurrection - Luke 24: 1-11

Reading Activity


Read Benjamin's Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs

       Comment about this book: If you are Catholic, this book has one sentence in the Last Supper section that refers to the Eucharist as "symbolic" rather than his actual flesh and blood, as in Catholic doctrine. Otherwise, this book is a great visual to teach the Easter Story.

                                                  Enjoy the activities with children, family and friends. 

  Jesus is Alive! Have a Blessed Easter!

Holy Week is Holy Week! I grew up with that idea. For me, it’s difficult to connect with daily activities and work just as a regular week. Holy Week is a time to reflect and connect with the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ in silence and prayer, especially during the Paschal Triduum.  
During the Triduum (Three solemn days) we celebrate the Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection from the evening of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and evening of Easter Sunday.

We, Christians, believe that Jesus rose from the death at the third day...His disciples were witness of the empty tomb. (Mark 16). Easter invites us to take time to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, his suffering and his glorious triumph over death and more... 
His Second Coming! (John 20:7)


Easter Season
By Maritza Martinez Mejia @2021

The cross
The empty tomb
Real symbols
What is this about?

A sacrifice
A miracle
A reminder…
All the immense love

A God
A Man
A Spirit
What a mystery!

Happy Easter!
Have a blessed Paschal Triduum: Evening of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and evening of Easter Sunday.

¡La Semana Santa, es Semana Santa! Crecí con esa idea. Para mí, es difícil conectar con las actividades diarias y trabajar como una semana normal. La Semana Santa es un momento para reflexionar y conectar con la pasión y resurrección de Jesucristo en silencio y oración, especialmente durante el Triduo Pascual.

Durante el Triduo (Tres días solemnes) celebramos la Pasión, Muerte y Resurrección del Señor desde la noche del Jueves Santo, Viernes Santo, Sábado Santo y noche del Domingo de Pascua.

Nosotros, los cristianos, creemos que Jesús se levantó de la muerte al tercer día... Sus discípulos fueron testigos de la tumba vacía. (Marcos 16). La Pascua nos invita a tomarnos un tiempo para reflexionar sobre el sacrificio de Jesús en la cruz, su sufrimiento y su glorioso triunfo sobre la muerte y más... su segunda venida. (Juan 20:7)

Los Huevos de Resurrección es mi actividad favorita para explicar la Historia de Pascua. Es una forma visual de recorrer el Domingo de Pasión hasta el Domingo de Resurrección. Cada huevo contiene un pequeño artículo de trivia destinado a proporcionar un recordatorio de una parte de la historia bíblica. Tu pastel hace tus propios Huevos de Resurrección usando un cartón de huevos, 12 huevos de plástico y objetos pequeños para representar la Historia de Pascua.

¡Felices Pascas!

Thank you for your support!🌷 #LuzDelMes 🌠


Maritza Martínez Mejía

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Member: FWA, MCBD Board of AdvisorsANLMI Delegate
International Read to Me! Day Ambassador.
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