Friday, November 30, 2018

December Spotlight: Author’s Talk Book Show

LuzDelMes welcomes Author’s Talk Book Show!

Author’s Talk Book Show organized by poet and writer Maria Salvadora Perryrecognizes the literary work of the Hispanic writers in South of Florida.

1.    What is the mission of Author’s Talk Book Show?
The mission is to make events that allow writers to present their works in different bookstores or libraries in the South Florida area. The authors are recognized with a medal and a certificate of participation. 

2.     Where are the place you have presented Author’s Talk book Show?
The main location has been, Barnes & Noble at FIU (Florida International University) in Miami, and Pinecrest Branch Library in Pinecrest city. This year, Author's Talk Book Show presented twice in the prestigious bookstore, Books & Books  in the heart of Coral Gables, Florida.
3.     What else you can find at Author’s Talk Book Show?
Author’s Talk Book Show also opens the doors to poets who want to participate in the Poetry Contest during the event. They have to submit a poem, months previous to the event, and the Judges select the three winners and honorable mentions who receive a trophy and medals.

Author's Talk Book Show Contact: 
Organized by: Maria Salvadora Perry 

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