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November Spotlight: The Importance of Book Reviews

"Authors want reviews of their books. Publishers want reviews of their author’s books. Therefore, it got me to thinking about these reviews that are wanted, said Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine 

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What is a review? The dictionary defines it as a formal assessment of something with the possibility of change if necessary.

Taking this definition in consideration, reviews are important to help authors to improve their writing. The review doesn't need to be long or elaborated. Some readers want more concrete proof that your book is worth buying, which is why book reviews play an important role in getting your book known.

Book Review Samples

I received these lovely Customer Reviews:

on March 22, 2018
Congratulation on your book. It's great to find a book 
that has a kind touch and a great translation into Spanish.
                                                                  You really poured your heart into it.

on February 28, 2018
HAZEL EYES affirmed my understanding that life is
about loving and learning.

As a Customer and Author, I returned the favor by writing a Review too.

Maritza Mejia rated a book it was amazing
Mermaids on a Mission to Save the Oceans by Janet Balletta

Great tool for teachers and good read for children
Mermaids on a Mission, as the title implies, is a book about seven mermaids who protect the ocean from mankind’s pollution. Each of the mermaids have a special power that allows them to save the valuable oceans and special creatures and plant life. The conversation between the mermaids describe the culture and characteristics of each of them. I love Fina from South America and her mission to protect injured animals in Aqua Pura.
Teachers have an excellent tool to teach children how important the oceans are by following the example and action the mermaids did to keep the waters clean from pollutants.
The illustrators, Alyssa Figueroa and Alexander C. Appello, created brilliant illustrations that make the story enjoyable to read to young children.
The author Balletta includes a helpful Teacher's Guide which introduces vocabulary, discussion questions on a deep and well research topic. Congratulations Mrs. Balletta!
Mermaids on a Mission to Save the Oceans is most highly recommended. 

November Spotlight: The Importance of Book Reviews📕  
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