Friday, October 24, 2014

Grandma's Treasure Coloring Page

Grandma’s Treasure was published in February 2014. This book was written to help children understand the virtue of appreciation. 

Designed by Estella Mejia
Main Setting:  Grandma’s Treasure main setting is at the attic where the plot gets to its pick and the development of the story mainly takes place. 

Plot: An upset Grandma teaches their grandchildren a lesson for life to value what they have as she reveals her most valuable treasure box. 

Characters: Grandma Rose teaches her grandchildren a lesson of appreciation.

Activity:  Using your imagination, color Grandma's Treasure Characters and Treasure box


This story is a tribute to my grandmother who passed away at age one hundred and taught me Lessons for Life. 

Dibujos de Estella Mejia

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  1. By teacher request, coloring pages available. Thank you!


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