Friday, January 1, 2010

Hazel Eyes Timeline

Joined Morningside Writers Group - Dec. 2009

Since 2006, I was writing my memoir and taking online classes to improve my work, but I definitely needed a Critique group to revise my work. I joined Morningside Writers Group three years later. This critique group had helped me not only to improve my writings, but also find an editor and information to become a self-publish author.

Hazel Eyes Timeline

I’m ready for my first publication!

From 12/8/2006 to 12/8/2009 I wrote my memoir
 Hazel Eyes on editor’s hands: 12/8/2009
Hazel Eyes for edition: 1/15/2010
Hazel Eyes on publisher hands: 2/15/2010
Hazel Eyes last PDF ready: 3/15/2010
Hazel Eyes is lived: 4/20/2010

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