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Advent Activity for kids - Actividad de Adviento

 NOV. 28, 2021 BEGINS ADVENT  

Advent season marks the new Liturgical calendar year in the Roman Catholic Church and many Christian Churches. It is also the beginning of a four week period of preparation in anticipation of the Nativity of Jesus Christ at Christmas and the reminder of Christ’s second coming. Each week has a meaning, color and expectation. Let's celebrate Advent with joy and hope for a better tomorrow.

What does it mean?

The circle is a symbol of eternity and the never-endingness of God, and the evergreen is a symbol of eternal life and the never-changingness of God. Tertullian in the third century wrote to the Christians of his day: "You are a light of the world; a tree ever green." Children love to learn by symbols.

Meaning and colors:

First Week of HOPE:  Prophet Candle (Purple)

Second Week of PEACE:  Bethlehem Candle (Purple)

Third Week JOY:  Shepherd Candle (Pink)

Four Week LOVE:  Angel Candle (Purple)

The emphasis is on our longing, our need — not only for the great graces of the feast of His Nativity, for the renewing in our hearts of the mystery of His birth — but our need to be ready for the glorious moment of His Second Coming. 

Activity for Kids:

Prepare an Advent Wreath with paper or using a donut and birthday candles. Each kid bring home the devotion to prepare during Advent. 

Happy Advent!


El  Adviento se centra en la expectativa del nacimiento de Jesucristo y dura cuatro domingos antes de Navidad.  Cada semana tiene un significado y expectativa.

Significado y color:

1 semana de esperanza: Vela de los profetas  (púrpura)

2 semana de Paz: Vela de Belén (púrpura)

3 semana de Gozo: Vela de los pastores (rosada) 

4 semana de amor: Vela del ángel (púrpura)

Actividad para niñ@s:

Aquí una idea para crear una sencilla Corona de Adviento. Es mi tradición crear una Corona de Adviento con los niños de la catequesis usando una donut y unas velitas de cumpleaños. Cada niño lleva una a casa para iniciar el adviento en familia.

Feliz y bendecido Adviento

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