Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Online Experience during Pandemic Times

Online Experience during Pandemic Times

In my reflections, COVID’19 came for a reason, maybe, it is time to evaluate and re-evaluate our priorities. Since March 13
th, when the quarantine began in the United States, I had a calendar of events set up for the whole year 2020-2021. Slowly the conferences were postponed, events were cancelled, and trips suspended. The sense of despaired inundated the social media with predictions and fake news. 

I began online classes to refuge myself from the outside world and terrifying news take advantage of the time. For a long time, I have the desire to finish a Master Degree. I was fortune to find a fully online program and venture to register for a Graduate Certificate in Theology for Educators.  The hours of intense study made my days and weeks more manageable while in mandatory quarantine  during the uncertain moments that the world was witnessing. I became more aware than ever of healthy eating, exercising, yoga, walking around the house and nourishing my mind and spirit with good books and prayers.

A year later, I have realized that the new norms were here to stay. Even though, I was not familiar with online programs like Zoom, Goggle meet, and Jiomeet, I slowly adjusted to a new reality and accepted invitations to join online chat meetings. It is a matter of time, collaboration, patience and implementation of worldwide protocols to move into a technological age and move forward as we had done in the past. 

What I have learned about these online programs is that they are similar, easy to handle, have a free section to test how it works, you can record the meeting and save it as audio or video. It is a good tool to present a book, read poetry, present a conference, listen a lecture, and chat with authors, or simply just share time with family and friends. The most important thing is that you can explore and find which one fits best your needs. Do not isolate yourself, find ways to communicate, keep writing, and stay away from too much information that can create anxiety and frustration.  Let’s make the change to an online program. Give it a chance!

Today, I received the Graduate Certificate of Theology for Educator Ministry. I have never imaged to study online to obtain a degree, but I did during the pandemic years. Thank you Catholic Distance University for the opportunity to study fully online. Now, I am one step closer to the Master!

Catholic Distance University - Graduate Certificate Theology for Educators 

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