Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mexican Cascarones

What about Mexican Cascarones for Easter?

Like North American Easter Eggs, you dye and decorate them, but the best part of this Hispanic tradition; you remove the egg from the shell before decorating and replacing it with confetti. You can use the inside for any recipe. We made a Spanish Tortilla.

Legends originated the Cascarones in China and been brought to Europe by Marco Polo. In Italy they were used as a courting ritual, filled with perfume power. The custom traveled from Spain to Mexico in the mid 1800s by Emperor Maximilian’s wife. It was in Mexico that the perfumed powder was replaced with confetti. The Cascarones may be thrown or crushed over the recipient's head. That part we didn't do it. 

In addition to Easter, Cascarones have become popular for occasions including birthdays, weddings, Day of the Dead, and Cinco de Mayo.

Reading for this month:


Dance of the Eggshells/Baile de Los Cascarones 

By Carla Aragon, Kathleen Dee Saville (Illustrator), Socorro Aragon(Translator), George Gonzales (Translator)
A bilingual children's story that explores the family bond created through traditions passed on by grandparents.