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Luz del Mes by Maritza M. Mejia ~ MCBD2020

Luz Del Mes ~ MCBD2020
Maritza M. Mejía nos habla del cuidado de nuestro planeta. De lo mal que lo estamos tratando y de cómo responde él ante el maltrato. Su poesía parece sencilla, pero no es así,  está llena de amor alas cosas, a la naturaleza, al medio ambiente. Nos enseña y nos deleita a la vez con sus letras, donde ella vuelca todo su saber y todo su amor a la vida.
Jorge Luis Seco

Poeta Laureado de Union City, New Jersey
Maritza Martínez Mejia's poems unravel inner feelings thru compassionate stories, delicate flow within the simplicity of powerful words. The true meaning of reality best expressed by experiences of a life's traveler!
Agatha Rodi
Children's Author-Educator

Luz del Mes by Maritza M. Mejia ~ MCBD2020


*REVIEW by Suzan Johnson Read it 👉 

Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition
This author's kind and caring personality comes
 thru clearly in her written thoughts.
A lift for anyone's day.
Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2019
Format: Paperback
¡Me encanta y lo recomiendo!
Si amas la naturaleza es tiempo de tener este libro contigo.🤝♥️🥰
Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2018
Format: Paperback
Once again, Mejia delights us with her poems, reflections, and everything we ponder in life. 
This new book is a fresh collection of inspiring
 poems in Haiku and Sonnet format in English and Spanish which is ideal for ESOL students.
 I must say my favorite is the story of The Girl and the Trees which goes on to explain how Mejia started 
Luz Del Mes, a project to rescue moral values. 
I found the poems, reflections, and short stories uplifting and believe this book will make a wonderful gift for the poetry lover in your family.
Kudos for Luz Del Mes!

Thank you! ♥️¡Gracias!
#LuzDelMes ✨
Maritza Martínez Mejía
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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Multicultural Children's Book Day Experience

For the last five years, I had participated in the Multicultural Children's Book Day as an author, reviewer, supporter, sponsor and in 2019, as a Board of advisor member. I had enjoyed this opportunity from the beginning; receiving and preparing the reviews, to the end; with the MCBD Twitter Party that closes the fun. The collaboration, interaction with other authors and the challenge to review other books is an excellent way to support each other.

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness on the ongoing need to include kid’s books that celebrate diversity in home and school bookshelves. The collaborative effort between organizers and authors is part of the event. 

This year, Multicultural Children's Day will be on January 31/2020.

MCBD was founded by Valarie Budayr from Jump Into A Book 
and Mia Wenjen from PragmaticMom. 

Video #MCCBD2020

Want to learn more about the Multicultural Children's Book Day 2020 event? 
Please visit: 

                  Join the adventure!
Proud Board of Advisor Member at the Multicultural Children's Book Day.
Previous participation 2016-2019

2019 MCBD Celebration
2019:  The four year as reviewer, I reviewed six bilingual books for #MCBD. I was brave enough to prepare and event for the BIG day on January 25th and I read Vanilla and Chocolate  at Barnes & Noble, Jensen Beach with other local  guest authors. 

2018: The third year as an Author participant, I review three bilingual books in English, French and Spanish. It was an exciting experience to practice skills to review in another language. At the same time, we venture to celebrate the Multicultural Children's Book Day in Orlando, Florida with other authors of the four counties near by. Visit Blog for details about this trip:

2017: The second year as an Author participant, I reviewed  nine books. I felt comfortable to support other authors and helped them be part of the #MCCBD family. I joined the excitement at the Multicultural Children's Book Day Twitter Party.   Visit BLOG 2017 for details:

2016: The first year as an Author participant, I visited a Local School  and reviewed, for the first time, four books.  I learned how to nail the basic points of a review and how to post it on Amazon and Goodreads. This experience helped me learn how to use a BLOG and the benefits of a cooperative work. Visit my first BLOG  post 2016:

"In recognition of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, the beginning Spanish class at Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition welcomed award winning local author Maritza Mejia. Mrs. Mejia read her book  Vanilla and Chocolate/Vainilla y Chocolate. Multicultural Children’s Book Day has as its mission not only to raise awareness for children’s books that celebrate diversity, but to get more of these books into classrooms and libraries." Visit:
Author Interview visit Link:

Multicultural Children’s Book Author Maritza Martinez Mejia

Use hashtag:  #ReadYourWorld 
Maritza Martínez Mejía
Mother, Author, Educator and Translator
Member: FWA, SFWA, SCBWI, Board of Advisors MCBD, Delegado ANLMI
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Chinese New Year 2020 - Nuevo año Chino

The Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, has more than 4,000 years of history and is the longest holiday of the year. In the 21st century, the national holiday begins on the first of the Lunar Calendar and lasts until the 15th of the first month. In 2020, Chinese New Year begins on  and ends . This year is the year of the Rat. 

Similar to Christmas Day, the Spring Festival is the most important celebration for the Chinese. Although the meaning and methods of celebrating the Spring Festival have changed over time, it is still the most important festival in the Chinese tradition. 

Families carry out many activities throughout the country to welcome the Spring Festival. For example, they clean their houses, wash their clothes and lines. The new fresh clothes and clean sheets mean a fresh new year. Also the purchase of New Year's gifts is an important part. It is also customary to wear festival dresses and visit or welcome visitors. 

In South China, the main dinner usually has more than ten meals including bean curd and fish, because the pronunciation of these two meals is "rich" in the Chinese language. In North China, most of the meeting meals are dumplings, which are made and eaten by the whole family. 

Usually the New Year is celebrated with the representation of art groups and fairs in the big parks to provide people with art and culture. And fireworks are made during New Year's Eve, on the eve of the first day of the lunar month. 
Currently, travel is the most important part of the celebration of the Spring Festival.
Happy New Year!

Recommended Books for the Month

Brandon Makes Jiǎo Zi (餃子) by Eugenia Chu is an illustrated children's story that mixes American and Chinese cultures, bringing not only traditions together, but also the two languages. I recommend this book for the cultural traditional and appreciation of family value. 
Dumpling Soup by Jama Kim Rattigan  tells the story of Marisa who makes dumplings to celebrate New Year, but she worries if anyone will eat her funny-looking dumplings. Set in the Hawaiian islands, this tale celebrates the joyful mix of food, customs, and languages from many cultures.

Fiesta de Primavera China
Similar al Día de Navidad, la Fiesta de Primavera es la celebración más importante para los chinos. Aunque el significado y los métodos de celebración de la Fiesta de Primavera han cambiado con el tiempo, sigue siendo la fiesta más importante de la tradición China.
El Festival de Primavera comienza el 21 del duodécimo mes lunar (enero) hasta el día 20 del primer mes lunar (febrero). Lo más destacado es la víspera de Año Nuevo y el primer día del primer mes lunar. Este año, inicia el 25 de enero hasta el 8 de febrero 2020. Es ek año de la rata. 
Las  familias realizan muchas actividades en todo el país para dar la bienvenida a la Fiesta de Primavera. Por ejemplo, limpian sus casas, lavan su ropa y tendidos de cama. La nueva ropa fresca y sábanas limpias significan un año nuevo fresco. También la compra de regalos de Año Nuevo es parte importante. También se acostumbra llevar vestidos de festival y visitar o dar la bienvenida a los visitantes.
En el Sur China, la cena de reunión por lo general tiene más de diez comidas incluyendo la cuajada de frijol y el pescado, porque la pronunciación de estas dos comidas es "rico" en la lengua china. En el Norte China, la mayor parte de las comidas de reunión es bolas de masa hervida, que son hechas y comidas por la familia entera.
Por lo general se celebran el Año Nuevo con la representación de grupos de arte y ferias en los grandes parques para proveer a la gente el arte y la cultura. Y se hacen fuegos artificiales durante la Nochevieja, en Víspera del primer día del mes lunar. 
En la actualidad, los viajes son lo más importante de celebración de la Fiesta de Primavera. 

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Maritza Martínez Mejía
Mother, Author, Educator and Translator
Member: FWA, SFWA, SCBWI, Board of Advisors MCBD, Delegado ANLMI
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Friday, January 24, 2020

Book Review and Activity of Little Red and the Crocodile by Suzan Johnson

This is a created version of the famous tale Little Red Riding Hood with black and white illustration by Ayessa contrasted by Little Red’s bright red coat. The author, Suzan Johnson takes the readers to the Louisiana swamps where the story takes place. 

The story begins when Zara, the Little Red, embarks on her adventure to Aunt Moshee’s house feeling confident to follow her mother’s advice and walk alone to Auntie. Little Red distracted along the way enjoying the sunny day, beautiful flowers at the market, and the fresh Irises Mr. Leon gifts her. Little Red continues toward Aunt Moshee’s house through the swamps imagining all sorts of furious animals in her head. When she hears a noise in the bushes, a crocodile steps out and introduces himself as a friendly Cory the Crocodile. Since we know the original story, Cory, the crocodile hurries to Aunt Moshee’s house and swallows her up in one big gulp.

BUT, I will let you read the end of the story to find out the twist of this creative version of an old times tale. 
Goodreads 👉

ACTIVITIES CREATED BY: Maritza Martínez Mejía @2020

1. Write a paragraph of your favorite part of Little Red and the Crocodile?
2. What did you learn about the story?


3. What is your favorite illustration?

I received a copy of Little Red and the Crocodile by  Suzan Johnson as part of the #ReadYourWorld. Multicultural Children’s Book Day  (1/31/2020) is in its 7th year and was founded by Valarie Budayr from Jump Into A Book and Mia Wenjen from PragmaticMom. 

Our mission is to raise awareness of the ongoing need to include kids’ books that celebrate diversity in home and school bookshelves while also working diligently to get more of these types of books into the hands of young readers, parents and educators.
MCBD 2020  is honored to have the following Medallion Sponsors on board
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Jerry Craft, A.R. Bey and Adventures in Boogieland, Eugina Chu & Brandon goes to Beijing, Kenneth Braswell & Fathers Incorporated, Maritza M. Mejia & Luz del mes_Mejia, Kathleen Burkinshaw & The Last Cherry Blossom, SISSY GOES TINY by Rebecca Flansburg and B.A. Norrgard, Josh Funk and HOW TO CODE A ROLLERCOASTER, Maya/Neel Adventures with Culture GrooveLauren Ranalli, The Little Green Monster: Cancer Magic! By Dr. Sharon Chappell, Phe Lang and Me On The Page, Afsaneh Moradian and Jamie is Jamie, Valerie Williams-Sanchez and Valorena Publishing, TUMBLE CREEK PRESS, Nancy Tupper Ling, Author Gwen Jackson, Angeliki Pedersen & The Secrets Hidden Beneath the Palm Tree, Author Kimberly Gordon Biddle, BEST #OWNVOICES CHILDREN’S BOOKS: My Favorite Diversity Books for Kids Ages 1-12 by Mia Wenjen, Susan Schaefer Bernardo & Illustrator Courtenay Fletcher (Founders of Inner Flower Child Books), Ann Morris & Do It Again!/¡Otra Vez!, Janet Balletta and Mermaids on a Mission to Save the Ocean, Evelyn Sanchez-Toledo & Bruna Bailando por el Mundo\ Dancing Around the World, Shoumi Sen & From The Toddler Diaries, Sarah Jamila Stevenson, Tonya Duncan and the Sophie Washington Book Series, Teresa Robeson  & The Queen of Physics, Nadishka Aloysius and Roo The Little Red TukTuk, Girlfriends Book Club Baltimore & Stories by the Girlfriends Book Club, Finding My Way Books, Diana Huang & Intrepids, Five Enchanted Mermaids, Elizabeth Godley and Ribbon’s Traveling Castle, Anna Olswanger and Greenhorn, Danielle Wallace & My Big Brother Troy, Jocelyn Francisco and Little Yellow Jeepney, Mariana Llanos & Kutu, the Tiny Inca Princess/La Ñusta Diminuta, Sara Arnold & The Big Buna Bash, Roddie Simmons & Race 2 Rio, DuEwa Frazier & Alice’s Musical Debut, Veronica Appleton & the Journey to Appleville book series  Green Kids Club, Inc.
We’d like to also give a shout-out to MCBD’s impressive Co-Host Team who not only hosts the book review link-up on celebration day, but who also works tirelessly to spread the word of this event. View our Co-Hosts HERE.
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