Thursday, May 4, 2017

Conference and Workshop Benefits

After attending a small and massive conference in the same week-end last summer 2016, I would love to share some tips with you. 

Try to attend the next conference and workshop in your area. It’s a great way to learn more, connect with people and get a fresh perspective of writing. Some suggestions to be considered:
1.      Before register, SELECT carefully: Conferences vary from regional and small ones to national and huge events. Are you preparing for one? Take this in consideration before committing to a conference that doesn’t fit your need. Focus on your convenient goals.
Florida Writers Association  
American Library Association

2.      After register, PREPARE watchfully: Revise Conference Schedule, Workshops, Lectures and Locations. It sounds crazy, but taking a conference in the same hotel you are staying or driving to the venue makes a HUGE difference. Conferences are not only a great source to learn, but also an exhausting experience.

Hotel-Hilton Orlando
 Orange County Convention Center


3.      Getting ready, BRING: if you are an author be sure to bring business cards, books, stands and any swag (free stuff and giveaways offered by vendors at trade shows to encourage attendees to visit their booth) to promote your books. Swags vary according to your budget like bookmarks, pencils, buttons or bracelets. You can create your own Postcard using any Paint program.

1.      At the Conference, FOCUS on your Goals: Follow your pre-planned schedule, get on time to lectures and take photos. If you need brakes, take one to enjoy the conference. Drink plenty of water and have snacks in your purse to avoid long lines and save time.

Mini-Florida Writers Association One Day
American Library Association One Week

At home, ENJOY your adventure: Send thank you cards or e-mails to appreciate the new friendships you made. Post photos and engage with your audience in Social Media. It’s amazing how the power of technology help you promote your books.