Friday, September 6, 2019

Charlotte Riggle at Luz Del Mes Tri-Anthology

Charlotte Riggle
Writer and an advocate for people with disabilities. Her day job involves writing technical documents that help software developers create programs and apps that work well for people with disabilities. Her passion is writing stories that allow Orthodox Christian children and children with disabilities to experience the joy and affirmation of seeing themselves in picture books.
Her first book, Catherine’s Pascha, follows a little girl named Catherine and her best friend Elizabeth as they experience Pascha, the Orthodox Christian celebration of Easter. In The Saint Nicholas Day Snow, Catherine and Elizabeth celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas and an unexpected snow storm. Elizabeth uses either a wheelchair or crutches, according to her needs at the time. 
Charlotte also blogs about faith, disability, and picture books at her website,
Besides being a writer and advocate, Charlotte is a mother, a grandmother, and a godmother.

Bright colors of fire, 

flickering reds and yellows, 

adorn the maples.

Escritora y defensora de las personas con discapacidad. Escribe documentos técnicos que ayudan a crear programas y aplicaciones para personas con discapacidades. Su pasión es escribir historias para discapacitados y niños cristianos ortodoxos para que se sientan representados. Charlotte bloguea sobre fe, discapacidad y libros ilustrados en su sitio Blog. Además de ser escritora y defensora, Charlotte es madre, abuela y madrina.
 Thank you all who submitted your work! 💐 
Multicultural Chain for Nature LuzDelMes Tri-Anthology is a REALITY thanks to you!

 Thank you 🌷 Gracias 🌻ευχαριστώ🌺 Arigatou gozaimasu🙏 

Projected released date DIGITAL Version: October 21st, 2019
Paperback: May 2020

Maritza Martínez Mejía
Mother, Author, Educator and Translator
Member: FWA, SFWA, SCBWI, Board of Advisors MCBD, Delegado ANLMI, Florida
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Received Crystal Apple, VCB Poetry, Latino Book Awards, Author’s Talk

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