Saturday, June 4, 2016

Summer Reading: Hazel Eyes/Ojos Avellana

  Hazel Eyes - Ojos Avellana: An inspirational Memoir


 Ojos Avellana lleva al lector por un viaje espiritual de fe. 

Hazel Eyes takes the reader on a spiritual journey of faith.

Ratings and Blurs:

Un testimonio hermoso de fe. Atrapa al lector desde las primeras páginas, ese es el verdadero talento 
del escritor. Leí el libro de corrido, sin interrumpir para nada.

Hay similitudes en la historia con la mía: la muerte de mis padres, que me hicieron conectarme con
la autora. Me emocionó las escenas de la despedida de su madre.

En fin es un testimonio de amor, fe y esperanza. Felicitaciones a la autora.

Saludos desde Panamá
Rose Marie Tapia R.

Reading Author Maritza Martinez Mejia’s Hazel Eyes is somewhat of a mesmerizing memoir.
It’s never very easy to write about one’s life, but the author captures the essence of her life in a way that’s
unquestionably an outstanding and unbelievable journey. You’ll discover the young life of the author, her 
struggles and challenges living in Colombia, growing up and being subjected to worldly influences whereby 
she began to rebel. The author reveals how God touched her and she underwent a transformation not only in
life but her views and behavior. During her early adult life she embarked upon a pilgrimage to Monte Carmelo
in central Chile where she witnessed a miraculous apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and
you’ll learn how her life progressed. The memoir will leave you in awe, fill you with hope, encourage you to 
renew your faith, cherish life, believe in the power of the Lord, and most of all bestow the acts of kindness 
and love upon all mankind.