Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday Tritina Challenge: Week Three

What is a Tritina?  The Tritina is related to the Sestina. The length and repetition in the Tritina may be and easy form. This poem from the twentieth-century invention contains the following Form:

1 2 3          - End words of lines in first tercet.
 3 1 2          - End words of lines in second tercet.
2 3 1          - End words of lines in third tercet.
(1 2 3)        - Words contained in the final line.


Seasons come and go
Giving color, taste, and love
Let’s enjoy them all!

Four seasons that’s all
Come and go
Let’s live it with love

Only love
Help us all
Let go

Season come and go! Bringing love, enjoy them all!

(Tritina, @Mejia2016)

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