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May Spotlight Interview with Eagle Gamma

Eagle Gamma on Luz Del Mes May Spotlight Interview bMaritza Martinez Mejia
Welcome Eagle to Spotlight Interview! Tell me:
Q 1.What makes you proud to be a writer in The United States?

A 1.  The ability to meet and write with so many other writers with such a wealth of talent. In traveling this land I have learned an immense amount from interacting with the deep and broad network of American writers.

Q 2. What or who inspired you to write “El burrito que queria volar”? 
A 2. My coauthor Avril Olachea. She proposed that we create a story together, and she suggested the initial idea of a burrito who wants to fly. And she inspired me more generally!

Q 3.  Do you come up with your title before or after you write the manuscript? 
A 3. It depends on the work. For the burrito, I came up with a working title before writing the draft, although Avril insistently refused to accept my apparently made-up word as part of the Spanish language. After we went back and forth many times, we came up with a new title. Likewise, for other books the title often grows out of different attitudes.

Q 4. Why do you prefer to write Children Books in Spanish ? 
A 4 First and foremost, I feel that Spanish more naturally communicates children's tales. The language is beautiful, poetic, and lends itself to magical realism of the sort that children enjoy. Beyond that, I enjoy the chance to learn more Spanish that way, and to practice for when I spend time in Spanish-speaking places.

Q 5. What is your promotion strategy to promote your children book?
A 5. We're doing a variety of activities, including big giveaways and dealing with a number of online and brick-and-mortar vendors. However, perhaps the biggest component is word-of-mouth.

Q 6. Tell us about your passion to move through the world by bicycle?
A 6. I love to ride a bicycle anyways, and by moving through the world this way I also get the pleasure and education of experiencing many different cultures and geographies. Riding a bicycle is fun, good exercise, good for the environment, a good way to meet people, efficient, convenient, affordable, and has a host of other advantages. And I love to make my way through the world through all different terrains!

Thank you for your time to answer this question for Luz Del Mes Spotlight Interview.

With vivid images and deep messages, El Burrito que Quería Volar. My favorite sentences: 

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