Sunday, May 1, 2016

RhyPiBoMo - Graduate 2016

It was a privilege to be RhyPiBoMo Official Participant. This event celebrates Rhyming Picture Books (RPBs) by reading, sharing, educating, encouraging and putting more RPBs in the hands of children. 

This online challenge is organized by Angie Karcher.
My April Reading Challenge Progress:

                                                 Week One Challenge:

                                                    My favorite this Week: 
There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight  
by Penny Parker Klostermann
Watch the video read by the same author:

                                                     Week Two Challenge:

My favorite this Week: 
Lovely classic childhood moment by choosing a pet. Happy Pet Day!
Rocco Staino Reads WHAT PET SHOULD I GET? 

Week Three Challenge:

My favorite this Week: 

Children's Story time Read Aloud Story Book

Week Four Challenge:

My favorite this Week:
Bear Snores On  by Karma Wilson ,Jane Chapman (Illustrator) 
This is a fun rhyming picture book about a bear and the animals
 that interrupted his hibernation.
Great read-aloud by the author on:

THANK YOU to Angie Karcher for your effort to have a FANTASTIC RhyPiBoMo Event. 
I've learned to value rhyming picture books, author's effort and team work.

I had a Happy RhyPiBoMo

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Official Graduate RhyPiBoMo 2016!