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Story Book Halloween Parade with LuzDelMes

              Story Book Halloween Parade 

      Halloween is celebrated on October 31 st. The word comes from All Hallows Eve shorten to Halloween. All Hallows Eve means Holy evening. It is celebrated the night before All Hallows or All Saints Day on Nov. 1,st religious Festivity.  According to tradition this festivity came from the Celtics, who celebrated their New Year on November 1st. they honored the dead on that day and believed that witches, ghosts, goblins, and elves roamed the Earth on that night. Celtics made big bonfires to scare them away.

 From Europe to America the tradition turns into:
  ·      Halloween costumes and masks are worn.
·      Halloween decorations are put on doors and windows.
·      Scarecrows appear on porches with harvest decorations.
·      Halloween parties are given and scary stories are told.
·      Playing tricks, ringing doorbells and saying trick-or-treat to receive goodies.
·       Carve a pumpkin and place a candle inside them. When the candles are lit, the pumpkins glow. Sometimes they are called Jack-0'lanterns. This word came from an old fable about a man named Jack, who was mean and stingy. When he died, he could not get into heaven. There was not place he could go. So he carved a turnip, placed a piece of hot, glowing coal in it, and roamed about at night. People called him Jack of the Lantern.
·      In some places, there are Halloween costume parades contents or Character Book Parades.
Source extracted from Halloween by Gail Gibbons And Halloween Alternatives by Anne Joan Flanagan.

Book Suggestions for Character Book Parade
By Author Maritza M. Mejia

1.   Select a book
2.   Find a character
3. Create custom with recycle  items.
4. Get ready for the parade.
5. Bring book to the parade.
6.  No prizes are necessary. Have fun!   

Mrs. M. on   Vanilla and Chocolate 
Grandma on Grandma's Treasure    
                                     Pumpkin Story Book Character FUN Ideas👷👸👳🕵️👮
PPE Second Grader's Class
How do you celebrate it?
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