Saturday, February 25, 2017

South Florida 7th Annual Mango Writers Conference

   South Florida Writers Association


Author Maritza Martinez Mejia at the South Florida Writers Association 
7th Annual Mango Writers Conference held on Sat. Feb 25, 2017 
Winston Park Club House
8100 SW 132 Ave. Miami, FL 33183

     Writing Across  the Genres in the  Digital Age    

South Florida Writers Association 7th Annual Mango Conference
I had the opportunity to attend the 7th SFWA Mango Conference for the first time. The event surpassed my expectations. It was a day fill with enrich activities for authors and members.
The morning began with great tips about the “Changes in the Publishing Climate” by author and speaker Dave Bricker.  Follow by the Keynote speaker Mitchell Kaplan, Books & Books founder. He shared a fascinated story of the beginning and future projects of Books & Books in Florida. Ended with a “Breakout Groups,” I shared with the poets and excellent guidance of Connie Goodman-Milone & Jonathan Rose.

The lunch and music time gave us energy to continue the afternoon with Speakers, Panelist and Closing Raffle. Great Job SFWA Board and volunteers!

                        Photo Events 
    Best moments at the SFWA Mango Conference

Meeting Books & Books founder, Mitchell Kaplan
Photo courtesy: David Milone

Selling my memoir Hazel Eyes-Ojos Avellana at the Author's Table

Meeting SFWA Board members

Breakout groups: Poetry with Connie Goodman-Milone & Jonathan Rose
Yolande Jackson: Kid Writing with Art - Rocko's Big Launch author

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