Friday, January 8, 2016

Building Tolerance with Vanilla and Chocolate

Meet Vanilla and Chocolate Characters and Story

For Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2016, I was interview by Charlotte Riggle who asked me the following question:

Q. Nearly all of the bilingual English-Spanish books I've seen are about the cultures and traditions of Spanish-speaking communities. Vanilla and Chocolate is not. How did you choose the topic of the book? What have parents and teachers said about the book?
A. This is an excellent question and thank you for asking! As an educator and immigrant, I have encountered different situation related to discrimination. Vanilla and Chocolate main purpose is to teach how to build tolerance in our classrooms and homes. I have received good feedback from teachers and students, but a few parents do not like to talk about that topic. I respect their decisions and accept any kind of critics with respect.

After this question, I decided to present to you my first book from the Collection Lessons for Living: Vanilla and Chocolate. A Bilingual Children Book for K - 3er graders and Beginning Spanish learner. 

Vanilla and Chocolate was published in October 2012. This book was written to help children understand the virtue of Tolerance. This virtue gives a fair attitude toward those whose opinions, race, religion and customs differ from one's own.  Race does not matter as long as you tolerate and appreciate each other’s differences. 

Vanilla and Chocolate invites the reader to talk with children at home or at school about this topic since each story contains a vocabulary page and questions for discussion. 

The last page of the story contains a vocabulary page and questions for discussion with children at home or at school.

Main Setting: Vanilla and Chocolate main setting is at the Black and White Picnic where the development of the story mainly takes place. 

Plot: A concerned teacher helps two friends be together after their parents refused to let them play because of their skin color.

Characters: Mrs. M. prepared a Black and White Day where Vanilla and Chocolate’s parents recognized their kid’s friendship.

Vanilla and Chocolate Characters
Illustrations by Estella Mejia 

Presenting Mrs. M.
A concerned teacher helps two friends be together after their parents refused to let them play because of their skin color.

Presenting Second and Third Character 
Vanilla loves to play with Chocolate until the day his parents didn't allow him to play with his best friend anymore...Guest Why?

1.    I use Vanilla and Chocolate during Martin Luther King Jr. Week or Black History Month, but any time is a good time for a good Read Aloud book.
2.    After reading, I use a Sequence of Events Activity. You can use any plan to fit your student’s need.
3.    I discuss with students the topic of Tolerance. It is amazing all the misconceptions about racism. It is important to be honest, respect ideas and help students build tolerance.

This book is dedicated to all teachers who dedicate their lives to education.

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