Friday, October 21, 2016

My Colombian Hauls

During AZ Libris Show Cultural Event in Cartagena - Colombia, I had the honor to wear handmade jewels created by Adis Angulo and Lina Angel:

Acqua: Murano and Lace
White: Pearls & Murano
Brown: Venturina (lluvia de oro)
Green: Murano & fosil

Thank you Adis Angulo and Lina Angel!
I love my Colombian Hauls made with seeds, chaquiras and recycle materials by creative women from the Caribbean Zone.
Thank you Mariela Arango for these Jewels for my next classroom visits.

For Miami Book Fair 2016:
Jewels by Adis Angulo
Bells by Fidelia Jaramillo - Valina Leather

Ladies, I love my Colombian Hauls!

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Would you like to know what is my next 

Jewelry Haul and Event 2017?...

 "Presenting Ojos Avellana"
with these lovely jewels.

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