Thursday, November 24, 2016

Poetry Marathon Challenge

I participated in the Half-Poetry Marathon 2016 and Complete Poetry Marathon 2015. The complete challenge consists on writing 24 poems in 24 hours and the half-marathon:12 poems in 12 hours. 
Every hour, you receive a prompt with images or even music to inspire you to write your poem. This phenomenal event is organized by Caitlin Jans (Thomson) and Jacob Jans, two writers and web publishers living in the Pacific Northwest. 

Half-Poetry Marathon Certificate 2016

This year, I learned about Haibun (Prose + Haiku) while writing a Persona poem about a Homeless. It hit me hard to think about a person without a home to sleep in... 
I enjoyed writing a Pantoum, a Gratitude poem and a few free style ones. I edited the poems and submitted two to the Poetry Marathon Anthology. Guest what? "Oatmeal in Heaven will be in the Anthology!

Full Poetry Marathon Certificate 2017

Last year Complete Poetry Marathon Challenge was exhausted, but rewarding. I edited the 24 poems over the following months. I sent the best poems for contests.  Two poems were selected to participate in one anthology for Authors Talk Book Show in November 2016.


The 2016 Poetry Marathon Anthology 
Poem #18 Oatmeal in Heaven by Maritza Mejia

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